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by: Dane Stevens CRAVE Magazine
"See You In Hell: Volume 1" Produced By Stranglehold Publications, Full Lock Media, and Eulogy Recordings.

Crave magazine recently received the phenomenal new documentary entitled "See You In Hell", and we were absolutely blown away by the film. This is nothing like what we saw in the barrage of "shock" style previews. We highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this project.

A blistering personal journey into the explosive career, and hilarious lifestyle of one of the worlds most notorious tattoo artists and his clan of award winning co-workers. "See You In Hell" is a 2 hour window into a secret reality, that is absolutely NOTHING like any project produced about the cultural phenomenon and widespread success of the tattoo industry.

This documentary is a comprehensive, in your face, look into the creation of the worlds most published and award winning tattoo studio, "All or Nothing Tattoo" in Atlanta, GA, and the empire of art and workaholism surrounding Brandon Bond (voted tattoo artist if the year 2005, and 2006). The film, starring Bond and his huge family of gifted artists and lunatics, takes the viewer on a fast paced whirlwind, 17 city tour of tattoo conventions across America focusing on the artists that set the standard for excess and artwork at every turn, and then back home to a thriving leviathan of success and chaos. The directing constantly bombards the senses with random and awe inspiring situations, emotions, and incredible tattoo artistry.

 "See You In Hell" is a one of a kind project that stands on its own as a force to be reckoned with. Random acts of wanton debauchery, tear gas, pit bulls, hilarious parties, firearms,  tattoo art creation, slews of clients flying in from foreign countries, fireworks, and piles of money everywhere, COLLIDE with touching scenes of gratitude, love, and motivation as Brandon Bond guides his army into unprecedented levels of artistic success and personal growth.  Never giving in, never accepting discouragement or failure, and living for the moment with those closest to you are reoccurring themes throughout the film giving a warm, compassionate and positively uplifting feel to the feature.

The entire film is set to a thunderous and official soundtrack from Eulogy Recordings (also entitled "See You In Hell'). The actual soundtrack will be released July 4, 2007 worldwide. The bands featured are some of the most widely sought after and nationally headlining Hard-Core bands in the industry. This is a film that should definitely be viewed at high volume, as scores of bands from the Eulogy Library crush through almost every scene adding to the overall intensity of the "All Or Nothing" lifestyle. When asked about the musical selection Brandon Bond stated: "Its my favorite record label, all my favorite bands are on that label, and the owner is a good friend of mine, so the decision to use ONLY their music was an easy one. The CD coming out is going to be amazing."

"See You In Hell" also forces its way into the opulent and hidden studio called A.N.T.I. Art Elite, which is a never before seen, lush tattoo studio that hosts 2 movie theaters, several koi fish and turtle ponds, waterfalls, and luxury dripping in lavish architecture and sophistication. Despite owning multiple tattoo studios, this is the only one that Brandon Bond actually tattoos in for obvious reasons. Huge artworks are created right in front of the camera, and then are followed to tattoo conventions where they consistently win every award for every artistic category they are entered into.

Brandon Bond is both hated and loved by swarming masses of tattoo enthusiasts and artists all over the world. He is an artist who found success on his own terms and in his own way, without compromising who he is and without being arrogant or lazy in any way. Surprisingly, Bond is not pompous or elitist at all, even in light of his overwhelming accomplishments, he maintains his sharp wit and biting sense of humor throughout. Brandon is surprisingly humble and extremely likeable contrary to his unfounded reputation of arrogance, indifference, and greed. He is confident, loving, giving, and only "slightly cocky" as described in the film by his own apprentice (John Lloyd): "He's like Mohammad Ali in the way that he talks a lot of sh*t but can totally back it up".

The Film also focuses consistently on the importance of "family"; as Bond's staff of over 50 people is described as "equal extensions of the same force". The loyalty and compassion that the family shares for each other is spellbinding. Brandon is incredibly motivating, protective, loyal, loving, and patient with his crew of co-workers and friends; forming an unstoppable force of self perpetuating success.

Surprisingly, the film is interrupted with a barrage of extremely provocative and personal footage of Brandon's home life, his mother, his wife, his dogs, his travels, and a real shootout with the Atlanta S.W.A.T. police force. Much of this footage seems to have been filmed by Brandon himslef with a home movie camera. There are tear gassed soaked scenes of gun play, live hostage situations, and hilarious shots of police K9 training for Bond's family of rescued pit-bulls; all overlapping scenes of his book release party and a television show flying him to LA, interrupting a slew of touring tattoo conventions and compulsive workaholism. There is so much happening all the time with these artists that you will be exhausted when you finally reach the end.

The supporting characters in the film, his eclectic staff members, clients, and friends are featured throughout.  His artists and clients are shown with splashes of featured articles and portfolio pictures of their artworks and accomplishments. These outlandish and mildly insane "motley crew" give the film a continuous surge of fresh faces and captivating surprises. This is not a film about tattooing, nor is it a film about Brandon Bond. This feature is a project that focuses on the "family" of All or Nothing, and finally gives outsiders a real "reality" based viewing experience into "real life" tattooers having a "real life". This is not scripted, predictable, or boring in any way. Since receiving the DVD, I have already watched it 3 times.
If you are expecting "Miami Ink", or "Inked" from recent TV shows, you are not going to enjoy this movie. It is raw, uncensored, belligerent, and intense. However if you have any interest in just about anything pertaining to art, success, tattoos, money, firearms, law enforcement, friendship, humor, or personal motivation, this is a film you NEED to see. Brandon Bond will remind you of everything you haven't gotten done and after you stop resenting him for it, you will immediately begin to work harder at whatever you do.
This is an incredible movie, 5 stars all the way, and tells us that Volume 2, the sequel, will be available before Christmas 07! A two- disk DVD set and a two-disk CD soundtrack from Eulogy Recordings not for the kiddies stockings (unless you have REALLY grown up kids).

The film is set for mainstream distribution this summer, but is offering limited edition copies of it for only 20$ online NOW!

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