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Mike McMahon Interview 2011

Describe yourself in 140 characters twitter style.
I am an ambitious tattooist who loves my family, my work and my life.

How long have you been tattooing?

7 years.

How long have you been with ALL OR NOTHING?

3 years total.

Where DID you live before coming to Atlanta?

Virginia Beach.

How did you come to ALL OR NOTHING, tell us the story!?!

I grew up in Atlanta, Brandon and I go way back and when I started tattooing it was with All or Nothing. I left to conquer the world and now that I have a family I felt it was time to come home.

What brought you to move to Atlanta to work at ALL OR NOTHING?

All or Nothing is the most award winning and published studio in the history of tattooing and my home.

What is your favorite type of tattooing to do?

Realism and contemporary Japanese

What machines do you use? How many do you set up for a substantial session?

Pulse & 4.

What type of needles & groupings do you prefer? How did you come to
start using them?

Tight liners and big shaders, I learned from the best.

Is Brandon really a psychopath to work for?

Brandon has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. What people construe as psychotic is really just passion. It is actually both beautiful and inspiring to witness.

What has changed about your tattooing since you first walked in the
front door of ALL OR NOTHING?

I feel I have reached level of inspiration since coming home. I have never been so excited about coming to work.

Everyone that comes arrives at different times, so the list of artists
is always in flux. Who have YOU worked with, gotten tattooed by, met
or gotten to watch work since coming to ALL OR NOTHING? And how did
any of that affect you and your art.

Brandon Bond
Dave Tedder
Joshua Carlton
Zeke Owen
D.J. Minor
Nate Beavers
Justin Weatherholtz
Tony Mancia
Vince Villalvazo
Jason Adkins
Matt Dunlap
John Lloyd
The list is almost endless

What other type of art do you produce? Paintings, video, flash, graphics etc?
I love art and I am very inspired by classic work. I paint and I sculpt but my passion is tattooing.

Are you tired of people talking to you about dogs?

No, I love dogs.

How has your LIFE been changed since coming?

I feel everything is falling into place.

Was there ever a time when you realized you had figured this out or
had an "art epiphany" about your own growth as a tattooist?

Every day is an epiphany and I hope the growth never stops.

What kind of inks do you use?
Only the best all sterile, pre-dispersed synthetic pigment.

What is it like to work with so many artists from all over every day?

Like having pure art adrenaline pumped into your veins.

What types of tattoos would you LIKE to do, like if you could start
doing any specific style a lot, what would it be?

I want to do art that elicits emotion.

Tell me about your kids (if you've got any?)

My little girls name is Reganne. She is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

What do you love about tattooing the most?

I love producing art, and changing lives along the way.



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