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Old 01-16-2006, 10:38 PM
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Default I'll be Tattooing in Philadelphia Feb. 3rd-10th

I will be tattooing in Philadelphia at the convention from Feb 3-5 at the Wyndham Hotel downtown. My schedule is pretty tight this year, but i do still have some time available.

I am also extending my stay and doing a guest spot for a week. i will be working at Philadelphia Eddies in chinatown.

on my last night i will be helping kick off the Wu-Tang reunion tour and then its back home to Atlanta, where the players play.

If you are interested in booking an appointment, for the convention ar the guest spot, I can be reached at

(678) 485-5315 Direct
(770) 435-9966 Studio

Thank you in advance.

Dave Tedder
Im your enemy
...burnin blocks, poppin glocks...

All or Nothing Tattoo and Fine Art Gallery
2569 South Cobb Drive
Smyrna GA 30080

This letter includes information on EVERYTHING about the ALL or
NOTHING galleries, appointment info, prices, and events, and passwords.
Please call (770) 435-9966 for more information. Or check out these All or
Nothing websites for more details. Thanks!

For those of you unaware, two of our staff members were involved in a BAD car wreck (hit and run) and I have been living at the hospital in a chair with my fallen soldiers.

Coral Pollack (from Canada) and Allie Mcgregor were leaving the tattoo studio and were blindsided by some drunken f***. Both members are family to us and I have not left the hospital until now. Surgeries went well, and Coral will be able to walk again.

Our staff has been amazing, she had been proteceted and watched over every second by us. Coral is out yes, but she is not being wheeled anywhere really she has to remain in bed for two weeks and cannot even let her left foot touch the ground for as long as two months, it is possible there will be more surgeries and she has pneumonia.

she is doing well mentally and is lauging and talking s**t, but she is very scared. We will be taking shifts at her house until this matter is resolved.

The studio is and will remain open of course, but we are focused on our people right now in a direct and immediate way. Thank you all for your kind letters, there is nothing more important than family and these two ladies are more precious than blood.

All or Nothing Tattoo Studio was recently voted "BEST TATTOO PARLOR in
ATLANTA" by Creative loafing magazine, as well as "BEST NEW ART GALLERY IN

We would like to congradulate All or Nothing's owner, Brandon Bond, who
was recently awarded "Tattoo Artist of The Year" at the South Florida
Tattoo Convention.

Tattoo Revue magazine OUT THIS MONTH, has a story out in which Brandon
Bond, Albie Rock and Dave Tedder were interviewed along with Nick Baxter
and several other prominant artists concerning collaborations. CRAVE
MAGAZINE also did a story on ALL OR NOTHING THIS MONTH and next month will
be featuring a cover story about Brandon himself. International Tattoo
magazine is about to release the BRANDON BOND story as well... coming

All or Nothing Galleries is one of the most sought after tattoo parlors in
America featured in MORE tattoo magazines than any other studio in '05.
Our staff has been imported from all over the nation and bring you the
absolute best in custom tattoo artistry. All or Nothing Tattoo services
clients from all over the world daily. Out of state clients will be
provided transportation to and from the airport, as well as hotel
accommodations, food, and the absolute finest tattoo artistry in the
world. In fact you will actually save money by flying in, we will deduct
some travel expenses from your final total. We have visitors from all
over, every single day and are very flattered that our clients are so
dedicated. Please call (770) 435-9966 and we will arrange your trip with

Brandon Bond has a BOOK project that is due to be released SOON.
The title is "WHORE" and will display artwork, sketches, tattoos, and
chaotic photos from his insane lifestyle. This will be unlike any other
"tattoo art" related books on the market and promises to be an
"experience" to view.

Appointment Information:

Brandon Bond, Albie Rock and and Dave Tedder tattoo exclusively by
appointment only. Please call (770) 435-9966 and speak with MIKE who
handles all bookings and deposits.

All or Nothing Tattoo services clients from all over the world daily. Out
of state clients will be provided transportation to and from the airport,
as well as hotel accommodations, food, and the absolute finest tattoo
artistry in the world. In fact you will actually save money by flying in,
we will deduct substantial travel expenses from your final total. We have
visitors from all over, every single day and are very flattered that our
clients are so dedicated. Please call (770) 435-9966 and we will arrange
your trip with you.

YES OUR STUDIO DOES HANDLE WALKINS, every day, you are welcome to come on
in without an appointment and you will get tattooed, but if you want a
specific artist, to do something custom for you an appointment will be
necessary. We are booked anywhere from 3 days to 3 months in advance
depending on which artist your seeking and what their schedule is like. We
require that a 100 dollar money order be sent to the studio made out to
the name of your artist. This deposit will be deducted from your session,
however it is necessary to hold the slot on the schedule. We require a 48
hour notice of cancellation.

Local Georgia clients from the greater Atlanta area can just swing in to
the studio and drop off your deposit anytime. Bring any reference
materials you would like us to review while creating your piece (sketches,
photos, printouts, paintings, t-shirts, etc.) and we will file them with
your deposit receipt.

We also accept all major credit cards in person, but all artists love cash.

Prices vary depending on many factors. Each artist individually sets his
or her own prices. Brandon Bond, Albie Rock, and Dave Tedder charge 150
per hour, as they work EXTREMELY fast, other studio artists will go by the
piece or the hour, whichever applies. Brandon Bond also has a two hour
(300) dollar minimum, so smaller pieces should be done by Ted Wallen, Joe
Waulken, Justin Jarrel, and Pepto all are incredible artists. We are
extremely affordable and moderately priced considering the level of
artistry provided. ALL OR NOTHING is one of the worlds TOP studios, but no
one here suffers from a delusional ego trip or inflated pay scale. We just
want to do great art.

Large work is done in sessions, so the client only pays for the work done
that day, no one is expected to pay for an entire piece up front, just the
session. This breaks it up for you as a client so that larger work can be
done without breaking your piggy bank.

***Starting Jan 1st Brandon Bond will be charging 200$ per hour following
his 20th magazine article and winning artist of the year for 2005. He
tattoos FASTER than anyone on earth like a pitbull on a steak, so you will
still be getting a great deal and he will still deduct travel expenses on
large scale work.

Driving Directions can be found at

COLLABORATIVE TATTOOING: ALL OR NOTHING is leading the way with a constant
influx of collaborative pieces. This is done with two artists tattooing at
the same time. The artwork comes out very differently and twice as fast
with two at once. The cost is 300 dollars per hour, but if you arrange
your session for here at our gallery, some expenses will be knocked off.
Some examples of collaborations can be viewed in this months TATTOO REVUE
MAGAZINE by clicking here:

__________________________________________________ ____________________

TATTOO CONVENTION APPEARENCES: Our artists have won more awards nationally
this year than ANY other studio in the world and appear as often as they
can all over the nation.

The Atlanta Tattoo Convention just wrapped up and it was resounding
success for our guys.
********Tattoo of the day FRIDAY, Brandon Bond
********Tattoo of the day SATURDAY, Joshua Carlton
********Tattoo of the Day SUNDAY, Albie Rock and Brandon Bond

ALL THREE DAYS IN A ROW, after winning it in Tampa as well for THREE days
and "Best of Show" and a slew of another awards. Other Atlanta Awards
********BEST BACKPIECE, Brandon Bond
********Best Color Tattoo Flash, DAVE TEDDER
********Best Black and Grey Joshua Carlton
********Best Color, BRANDON BOND
********Best Realistic tattoo, JOSHUA CARLTON

They won everything, the show was an enormous success.

...Then Dave Tedder and Joshua Carlton went to The Tennessee Tattoo
Convention, where they repeated more of the same from Tampa and Atlanta.

11 trophies - TENNESSEE
*********Tattoo of the day Joshua Carlton
*********tattoo of the day Dave Tedder
*********tattoo of the day Joshua Carlton
*********Tattoo of the day Joshua Carlton
*********Tattoo Of The day Dave Tedder

how did they win 4 tattoo of the days with the convention only being 3
days long????
Joshua won it twice the first day - color and black and grey 1st place

*********Best Overall female - Joshua Carlton
*********Best Tattoo Flash - Brandon Bond
*********Best tattoo flash - Brandon Bond
*********Best Large Color - Brandon Bond and Albie Rock!!!!! Collaboration
(scarecrow and airplane)
*********Best Black and Grey Joshua Carlton
*********Most realistic Joshua Carlton

Alabama tattoo convention -

*********Best Color - Brandon Bond
*********Best Small Color - Dave Tedder
*********Best tattoo flash - Brandon Bond

South Florida tattoo convention
*********Artist of the year - Brandon Bond
*********Best tattoo flash - Brandon Bond
*********Best small color - Brandon Bond
__________________________________________________ ____________________

NEXT years touring circuit will also include TATTOO SEMINARS for
professional tattooers only taught by our own BRANDON BOND!

Brandon Bond's, touring schedule next year will be extremely limited,
however he will be appearing at certain shows and teaching a NEW seminar
to professional tattooists only, that covers all of the questions he gets
asked a bagillion times a day and more. The first seminar will be at the
Tampa Tattoo Convention in late march.

Brandon Bond: "I will be teaching tattooers about different aspects of
sucessful tattooing. I will be covering a variety of topics, including
image selection/creation, placement, execution (color blending and line
wieght vs no lines at all), color blending, pigment selection, tattooing
with only a shader as though you were painting with needles, and
PROMOTION, as in where to send your photos and when and why and who to,
and all that, so that your work can be published regularly because if no
one knows your good, then its really worthless isnt it."

This will be a very different seminar from those you are used to and
Brandon will also be doing a direct question and answer session for as
long as it takes to answer all your questions. Price 125$ per person. call
770 435 9966 for more info.

Thank you all for reading this and being part of our chaos. Happy

XXXXXX, The entire staff and family at All Or Nothing Tattoo Studio and
Art gallery. Brandon Bond, Joe Waulken, Dave MF Tedder, Albie Rock, Joshua
Carlton, Zeke Owen, Medusa, Allie, Mike, Ted Wallen, Lucifer, Webmaster
Jeff, Erin, Pepto, Karrie, Coral from Canada, new girl ..1 and new girl
..2, Tsunami, Eric, Sinn, Cain, Joe Waulken, Josh Baker and Jojo the
drunken monkey.
All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing studio

im your enemy
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Old 01-17-2006, 09:33 AM
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you sir are a bad motherf@#ker

I love you have a safe trip
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3rd10th, feb, philadelphia, tattooing

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