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Default Brandon and Dave

If this is actually Brandon online which i doubt it is, cus when you get this good you can just pay someone to check this for you, I'd first like to say nice work and way to market your art and change the industry in so many positive ways. I recently talked with dave in march about the apprenticeship slot available and was excepted but could not take the position due to financial issues ie wife and 2 kids with one on the way. However he notified me at the end of june that he spoke with you about waving the apprenticeship fee and still i couldn't accept the position because of finances. So out of my shear desire to work with and for you and Dave I thought i might see if we could work something out. I've already had an apprenticeship and am licensed in the state of Virginia however i feel i still need the guidance of some of the industry greats such as yourselves. If there is any way that i could make only minimum wage for Georgia while tattooing full time for you until you and Dave feel I am ready to be a regular artist for your shop I should be able to support my family and continue my journey as an artist. If you would like I could even arrange to come down and tattoo one of my clients for you to observe so you can judge me on my skill level to see if I am an investment worth your time. I will be in your area Sunday evening and Monday till the afternoon and would enjoy the chance to speak with yourself and Dave if possible. If this seems reasonable please contact me at 808-265-6432 or at My portfolio is available at

Hope to hear from you,
-Isaac Mitchell
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