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Default Re: :hAMLET coming feb 3rd - 16th

whats up every one well im in Atalanta what a crazy trip ...rain, snow, ice , one really aggressive guy bumming for change an explosion in my luggage (photo mount spray, all of my clothes smell like ive been huffing glue LOL) and the strongest wind ive ever felt but alas i made it in one piece here for the next two weeks then its off to p'cola so if your in the area hit me up i need to find an art store and something to do for today and tomorrow if you know of anything help a brother out .....and if ya want a tattoo im all set to go on sunday

hey guys sorry i missed ya those storms kicked my ass .....thanks for the invites you guys rock ....Chris bring those plans with ya when you get tattooed i wanna see um .....amek for sure lets get that ink laid when im back in the bay you wanna book for the week im in hayward ???? hit me up Ph. 510 760. 4224

see you guys soon

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