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Default Re: What if Michael Vick was WHITE?

Race doesn't matter. That's like saying breed matters.
A person is a person. People make their own choices in America but always want to blame it on everyone and everything else. If he would have been white he still would have made dumb decisions and then would have blamed it on some other bs excuse. Black people blame it on the ghetto, white people blame it on the trailer park. Race doesn't matter. Stupid is stupid. Take responsibly ass wad. You were stupid and are being persecuted because even while making million upon million you CHOSE to go back to being ghetto. You chose to act like an ignorant SOB. But he will still whine and make it a sob story about how because of how and where he came from...Boo freaking who. I know people that came from worse areas and didn't go back to dog fighting and slinging dope when they got money and an education. They kept out of the ghetto bs.
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