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Default Re: TLC to launch "Tattoo School" on July 14!?!?

Not me! I watch my artist while he works on my tattoo's, that's much better than watching a bunch of under trained people.... My tattoo school is up close and personal while in the chair ! But I also realize just because I like tattoo's doesn't mean I have the chops to put them on someone else so that keeps my interest in the show minimal.... Plus I am busy with real life... Soccer games to go to tonight...

Besides I have had enough with most reality tv... If I wanted that much drama and chaos I would just stand in the same room while my teenage daughters argue...

While I am not watching the show I think I will continue to advocate good research before getting permanent ink on your body... And I think with my current artwork from an amazing artist people will be more likely to take my words into consideration when making their decision....

I travel for my tattoo's now... I am just thankful for the internet and the artists who have their portfolio's online so I was able to make a good decision.... Good information is a great thing, especially when you have television now glamorizing bad information in the industry....
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