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5pm eastern Brandon Bond and Peter Moylan will be on "The John Baker Radio Show" Today Sunday!

Follow and with your questions

It is 100% Free to listen to entire show, LIVE RIGHT NOW! Brandon @5pm Eastern

Topics with Brandon Bond will cover Tattoos, Pitbulls, Vick, Cain, Numerous Baseball Clients, RIP Cain, The Bond Vick dog Makavelli, and going to a playoff game with Peter Moylan (Atlanta Braves) after being in hiding mourning the loss of Cain Bond after several weeks, Perspective of baseball changed by tattooing all these players, The Falcons playoff game, the Vick jerseys, and the loudness after so much silence.

@ 5 pm Eastern John Baker (Florida Marlins) and Peter Moylan (Atlanta Braves) and Brandon Bond (

Link to the story of Cain as written by Brandon Bond:

Link to John Baker on the All or Nothing Tattoo website: when nominated for the Roberto Clemente Award for 2010.

Cain memorial Video:

"VICKTORY to the Underdog" preview:

Peter Moylan Tattoo action:

Video of Peter Moylan getting tattooed:

and another of Brandon and Peter (uncensored and homemade):

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