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Default Time for Family to Stick Together

Hello everyone,

I am writing to you today, attempting to bring us all together to bring hope to one of our own. Chris Vennekamp's oldest son Madison, has been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer known as t-cell lymphoma. He is going through heavy chemotherapy and will be for the next 2 years. This is an extremely serious situation for our family and the Vennekamp crew. We are asking you all, to send some get well soon
messages of hope to this lil' soldier. A card, a balloon, an xbox 360 game, candy [not chocolate, but he likes tic tacs and jelly beans,etc] or anything that you think a 13 year old boy would like.

He is in the hospital now, until at least friday. He may be able to go home and do outpatient treatment afterwards, and our fingers are crossed. If you would like to send love via myspace, please do so on Chris's page:

Madison can be found at:

Emory Children's Center
Madison Whitaker
rm 366
2015 Uppergate Dr
Atlanta GA 30322

I can not begin to understand how they are feeling right now, so please, lets all get together and support Chris, Madison, and the Vennekamp family,

Thank you
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