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so I wanted all you guys to get to see this first! Its very exciting and we have worked VERY hard on this - all these incredible Bands donated their songs, and all the profits from the CD's go to VILLA LOBOS animal rescue in CA.

in between songs you will hear exerpts from the actual movie that apply to the songs that follow the quotes!


This is the first musical collection to be released from my publishing company STRANGLEHOLD INC. and its a bad mamajama!

It will be made availible for preorder THIS WEEKEND on and these will actually be shipped before the film itself!!!!

Heres a track listing:

1.) "God's Creatures Brutalized" Senator Robert Byrd (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
2.) "Vicktory To The Underdog" ROBOT ZOO (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
3.) "Only Yourself To Blame" TOETAG / EP: "Toetag/Shattered Realm (Eulogy Recordings)
4.) "Dogs are OUR Responsibility" DANNY TREJO (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
5.) "Godz Of War" SKAM DUST / EP :"Son Of Skarhead" (Eulogy Recordings)
6.) "Haunting A Ghost" SPYLACOPA / EP: "Spylacopa" (Rising Pulse Records)
7.) "Dog Won't Cheat On You" DAVE TEDDER/BRANDON BOND (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
8.) "Giants Will Fall" ON PARADISE BOULEVARD (Red Room 104)
9.) "Cooker" MADE OUT OF BABIES / Album: The Ruiner (The End Records)
10.) "Racism Pit Bull Style" TIA MARIA TORRES/VILLA LOBOS (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
11.) "The Calm" ON PARADISE BOULEVARD (Red Room 104)
12.) "I Decline" NO HARM DONE / Album: "Escape" (Think Fast! Records)
13.) "Forgetting Alli Mae" PADDOCK PARK / Album: "A Hiding Place For Fake Friends" (Eulogy Recordings)
14.) "Torturing Animals" DANNY TREJO (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
15.) "Romeo Is Banished" THE SIREN
16.) "A.C.A.B." FURIOUS STYLES / Album: "Menace" (Eulogy Recordings)
17.) "The Dream Is Not Dead" INHUMAN / Album: "Last Rites" (I Scream Records)
18.) "Dogs rule our f@#king lives" BRANDON BOND (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
19.) "Troubled Waters" THE MONGOLOIDS / Album: "Time Trials" (Eulogy Recordings)
20.) "Huge Leaps" ALARMED / EP: "Dog Days" (Dead Truth Recordings)
21.) "You Know Your Life Sucks" KIDS LIKE US / Album: "The 80's Are Dead" (Eulogy Recordings)
22.) "Year 2000 Catching Hell" TONYA LITTLEWOLF CARLONI/WOLF MTN. SANTUARY (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
23.) "Jumper" BISHOP / Album: "Drugs" (Death Truth Recordings)
24.) "Concrete Coffin" KNOW THE SCORE / Album: "All Guts, Still No Glory" (Double Or Nothing Records)
25.) "Mara" BARRICADE / Album: "Demons" (Eulogy Recordings)
26.) "Take Your Ass To The Shelter And Get A f@#king Dog" PIXIE ACIA (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
27.) "Hate For The World" SHATTERED REALM / EP: "Toetag/Shattered Realm" (Eulogy Recordings)
28.) "Finger On The Trigger" UNTIL THE END / Album: "From The Beginning, Until The End" (Eulogy Recordings)
29.) "Coming Up Roses" YEARS SPENT COLD / Album: "Moving Heaven To Hell" (Eulogy Recordings)
30.) "Michael Vick Lost His s&!t" BRANDON BOND (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
31.) "Centralia" CAR BOMB / Album: "Centralia" (Japanese Bonus Track) (Relapse Records)
32.) "Pitbull Blues" JOHN SHIPE / Album: "The John Shipe Song Clearance" (Involushun)
33.) "Sun Dog Ranch Road" JOHN SHIPE / Album: "The John Shipe Song Clearance" (Involushun)
34.) "Son of a b1tc4" TONYA LITTLEWOLF CARLONI/WOLF MTN. SANTUARY (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
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