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Default Re: just wanting to thank the aon family

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thank you - this means more than you realize.

you do not need a church to do good things... all you need is awareness, and motivation with love in your heart.

Many of our family memebers do in fact attend Church every sunday, John Lloyd for example, one of our amazing artists, but he will tell you that the act of compassion happens anywhere you want it to.

stained glass is dope though hahahaha
john has to be cannonized as a saint soon he is in fact one of most helpful kindest guy i've met. 13 yrs of catholic education has only taught me that no building can hold faith. putting rules based on a belief s only leads to conflict. mr. loyd brings his beliefs to a industry told to be ruled by heathens,as told to me by my sister,lol. but it make for courteous artists and apprecative clients

the golden rule......... you shoot me.....i'll shoot back,you hurt a child or dog ......i'll take your manhood away.permanently.

andstained glass looks cooler after church wine, any wine for that matter
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