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Default Re: just wanting to thank the aon family

This family is very tight even though we are spread all over. We like to cut up and have fun, take time to be serious and help others, and everyone shows love on in this family. Churches are set up for one reason, but sometimes end up taking another path. The church is there to bring people together in their faith, but some where a long the way people lose sight what the church is all about. To come together share your faith and love for God and help each other walk in the footsteeps of Jesus. Churches are suppose to help their members and not judge them.

We are all sinners in the eyes of the church, God, and Jesus, if that is which "you" choose to believe in(and I am speaking to anyone reading at this point). But the church and a lot of members tend to be hyprocrits if you do not follow "by their" standards and beliefs.

You rarely see that on this board and that is a direct reflection of Mr. Bond and everyone else in the family that like to take the higher road and just shut up and do...for whatever cause. Not too many judgements in this family. Just a whole lot of support.
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