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Default Re: TLC to launch "Tattoo School" on July 16!?!?

Originally Posted by Lanie View Post
I think that apprenticeship is until..... Until the Artist you train under determines you are ready to move out of apprenticeship and into Artist status.... And in all honesty its a constant learning process, but the basics take a heck of a lot longer than 2 weeks to learn.... There is a reason you ask the master to take you as an apprentice, you respect their opinion.... And that is part of the problem with these schools, if they are pumping out tons of under educated people and telling them all that they are ready to be an artist you should question their judgment.... That's the other problem with paying for your "apprenticeship" now you are comforted and coddled into believing your crappy work is fantastic... Of course they are going to tell you that your work is good, they want your 4800.00...

I mean come on this is permanent marking on another persons body, that is a lot of responsibility.... Then there are the health ramifications... If you have the potential to pass on incurable bloodborne pathogens at least make sure you are well trained in how to diminish the risk to the best of your ability...

I would not hire someone with 2 weeks of training to rewire something in my house, why in the world would I allow someone with 2 weeks of training mess around with my blood, and permanently mark up my skin.... If I am going to pay someone to do this kind of thing I want someone with ample experience....

You are training to become a Tattoo Artist not a fry cook, expect to put in the time necessary to become a true Tattoo Artist.... If you can't be bothered to do the time and work necessary I don't want you near my skin.... If that takes 2 to 3 years then put in the 2 to 3 years.... A client sits in your chair, at your mercy, be worthy of the trust the person puts in you... Take it as seriously as you would if you were going to tattoo your own child....

Tattooing is a lifestyle not a job..... Seek out a true artist, look at their journey and their dedication to the craft... Hobbyist artists and those who leave it at work when they leave the doors are not true artists in the craft.... Tattoo schools try to turn it into a hobby, or some sort of fun "job" which is not the reality of true tattoo culture... Don't turn it into mcdonalds or walmart please....
Very well said.
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