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Thumbs down Re: TLC to launch "Tattoo School" on July 16!?!?

Originally Posted by BellaGirl View Post
I signed up for this forum, specifically to post on this message. I am actually looking forward to this show. Everyone is getting all mad, but this will give us tattoo getters an insight into how tattoos work.
First of all let me address BellaGirls comment because all you tattoo "getters" should have a front row seat every time you are getting work done. If you want to see a "behind the scenes" look at how people become a tattoo artist, then this show is complete fantasy. Not only that but it is completely irresponsible. I have been through the brutal apprenticeship process, have 12+ years experience tattooing and have passed my knowledge of the art down to my apprentices as well.
This is all i have to say......Even if these students were hand picked art prodigy's and had it in them to be the next Bob tyrrell, It doesn't change the fact that it takes longer then 2 weeks to learn sterilization, cross-contamination and general shop cleanliness. That is about 1/3 of a 12-18 month apprenticeship. I wouldn't let them work at my shop regardless of their skill level without a minimum of 3 months experience cleaning and sterilizing. period
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