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kozmee 04-16-2014 08:43 AM

What's up guys .I am new to this site and first of would like to introduce myself. My name is Kozmee and I am currently an apprentice at a local tattoo shop here in West Texas. I have always loved art and drawing. I can remember being in elementary school and drawing pictures in my notebook. I first got interested in tattooing when I was 14 yrs old. I was young and curious so I tattooed myself on the forearm w a homemade machine. I remember asking friends for advice on how to put the machine together. I finally made it work somehow and began on my first tattoo. Not really proud of the tattoo but also not really ashamed or regretful. It was an experience that would stick to me for life. I didn't touch a tattoo machine for another 12 years. I recently started tattooing out of my home(scratching) about two years ago on and off. I have friends and family that tattoo at local shops and so I decided to give it a shot and try to step foot in a shop as an apprentice. My mentor accepted me w open arms and saw that I had potential. I showed him pics of the tattoos I have done and also have added about four more tattoos on myself. I am currently on hold as far as tattooing out of my house. My mentor made it clear that I would no longer tattoo out of my home. Which is a good thing.....I am 30 years old . I am married w a wife and I have two boys which I have to support. My dilemma is in choosing where to spend most of my time.either at work to pay my bills and keep my wife happy or at the shop working on my apprenticeship. I know it's a no brainer and I have to make sacrifices in order to fulfill my dream of being a great tattoo artist. But I'm going through a crisis as far as finding enough time to both pay bills/and spend time at the shop w my mentor. I have already discussed this matter w my mentor and he fully understands my financial situation. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated. I must add that my mentor is one of /if not /the best local artist. I love seeing his work as it is a great inspiration to me

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