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Old 09-07-2008, 12:08 AM
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Default Re: the longest collection of typing ever....

That was looong. But educational. I didn't know that laser could leave skin unable to tattoo...Scary. I'm starting to like the Freedom2 idea better the more I learn. I never disliked it, but it's just like with any new product, how will it last?
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Old 09-07-2008, 12:31 PM
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Default Re: the longest collection of typing ever....

youll see... its supposed to be released oct 1 in select cities.
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Old 12-12-2008, 02:39 PM
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Default Re: the longest collection of typing ever....

This is an interview that is the combined questions from THIS messageboard and from a Tattoo magazine in Russia, which is why the questions are written weird - its all been translated into English: enjoy.
1. What is your art education? What are the main stages of training as an artist and tattoo-artist you would single out in your life?
-I would say that anytime someone hold a pencil they are training, in tattooing however an apprenticeship is the key - the foundation, the starting point to which your career is built on. I apprenticed under Jim Wolfe at Tattoo Zoo in Ft Walton Beach FL.
2. Each of us has our priorities. I mean, the names and artworks, which we delight, give us a new impetus for own creative growth. Which of tattoo-artists or artists influenced by your personal vision tattoo?
-The guys I work with, the staff at ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO here in Atlanta are my primary influences.
3. Your work recognizable. Looking at Bloody Chest or Chest Clown begs the word "brutality". I saw your big art-works in process, so to speak, at different stages, and each element is viewed as finished, self-sufficient pattern. Often used dark background - this author's style or a reception for the benefit of filing other colors? Or the possibility of continuing to link with future tattoos?
-I use primarily dark backgrounds when the foreground is dark in tone, but I also use it to make the colors appear brighter, and yes, it does in fact make it super easy to tie stuff together.

4. In my opinion, broad and bold strokes on the canvas personalized product. Reviewing your art-works I think you are doing a lot for one session and with decent speed! How much time has taken, for example, work on Chest Clown? And what is the complexity of the work on the chest? What kind of difficulties at this work?
-The vast majority of my work is an all day long event - 10-15 hours of brutality, its rough on me and on the client, but because most of my clients fly in from all over the world, I have to get a LOT done in a short period of time.
5. How do tattooing process less painful and more comfortable for both tattoo-artist and for the client?
-I believe the environment I provide helps a lot, we watch movies, sports, DVDs whatever and it takes the clients mind off of the stress, and my mind off of the pain in my back resulting from holding perfectly still for 12 hours.

6. In practice, each of us constantly experimenting with the equipment, inks, needles, etc. And always, even finding the optimal solution for one or another work, we will continue these experiments. It's like a disease. The The issue of the inks. What brands are you prefer? Or are you using inks of different manufacturers?
I have a gigantic collection of ink and I use them all for different effects, I discuss this in length on my seminar DVD "THE WHOLE ENCHILADA" vol 2 which can be purchased on - its complicated because there are so many different ways to achieve different effects, so I break it down in that film as best I can. There is never one ink that makes everything - I use about 13 different companies inks.

7. How often do you mix colors in the cap, rather than use ready colors?
-NEVER, I mix everything in the tube "on the fly" the same way you would if you were painting. Again, this is explained in vivid detail in "THE WHOLE ENCHILADA" series.

8. Many of tattoo-artists use white inks to obtain a more solid colors. As in the painting. Are you using this way?
Yes, sort of, I use white to blend in the tube and give me various shades, tones and hues, of whatever is coming straight out of the bottle - varying everything utilizing darks and lights to create unique mid tones and highlights.

9. Another purely technical matter. In many art-works, particularly where small parts used, it is difficult to work with "magnum". How often do you use round needles for coloring?
Never. I use the corners of the mags. Highlights are different but for blending ALWAYS mags. 7,9,11,13,etc.... all the way up to 45 mags.

10. What kind of tattoo-machines do you use to perform in various tasks? Again this is complicated, I set up at least 6 machines for every session sometimes as many as 10 machines all with different needle groupings and styles of needles for different effects, I go through an entire set up of machines in the Tattoo seminar DVD.
11. Often in our work we do the tattoo in different styles. Customers coming to the studio very different in terms of perception, tastes and desires. However many great Masters are different and recognizable in their own inimitable style, which they develop and improve. What do you think, how justified attempt a tattoo-artist to work in various styles? How often you work in different styles? What is this? Is it necessary additional experience, or did it this way divert tattoo-artist from his own style?
-Versatility is the cornerstone of tattooing. the ability to create art on the fly in multiple styles and execute them all perfectly is the ultimate goal. It is extremely difficult, and many artists will just pick something and stick with it, unfortunately clients generally will commission a variety of styles from the same artist, so we have to be versatile... at all times, or starve. especially as young artists. as artists mature, they develop recognizable styles, and many get trapped by that. Its an unfortunate side effect of success, however my new works that will be coming out in 09 I have some surprises planned. An entire new direction.

12. Tattoo on hands - is that you often have to do. As far as I know, not all such tattoo art works withstand the test of time (although nothing is forever). All the features of the case to the skin. The same applies to the footsteps. Are there any nuances in the tattooing at these places?
-Hands, feet, throats, yes sir - whole different ballpark, different rules, different needs, different machine speeds, different application. I cover this in the "WHOLE ENCHILADA" as well as tattooing on different skin types, ie thicker, thinner, darker, lighter etc... tattooing is fluid and you have to adapt to every canvas.
13. Another feature of your work - the juiciness, and color brightness, even when not using a wide range of colors (inks). How do you reach such effect? Is it deal in thech of solid and the flat coloring, or the ability to combine in contrast warm and cool colors?
-the war of dark vs light - is what is making those images stand out and seem more dimensional, starting with black and leading all the way to light whites, yellows etc. It is not rocket science, but I too struggle with it on every piece. Most younger artists will simply color something one solid tone and that makes it look flat and boring, I tell people on our technical tattoo forum ( ) ALL the time - MORE MID TONES, MORE DARKS - everyone seems to do the brights super bright but without contrast that's all you have got and it sucks.

14. When you preparing a flash of the future tattoos, how you take into account the anatomy & prominence of the body during placing tattoo? Can it use these features to ensure that finished tattoo on the body looked more impressive?
-Placement, layout and execution - is everything - the ability to work the image into the natural anatomy of a client is key.

15. How often do you have to work by free-hand? Most Russian tattoo-artists prefer to work by free-hand, not using transfer paper.
-Hahahah - again, its all the "The WHOLE ENCHILADA" there is a time for stencils for sure, and there is a time for sharpie marker drawings all over someone, I tend to do both, in the SAME tattoo. I will stencil aspects of something and then draw the rest on to fit. Dave Tedder, from All or Nothing Tattoo here in Atlanta is the "sharpie master"! he taught me a lot and continues to.

16. What do you know about the tattoo culture in Russia? Do you communicate with someone of the Russian tattoo-artists? If so, how can you assess their level?
-I don't know anyone from Russia. However I have seen shipping orders for "The Whole Enchilada" going in that direction so someone over there knows us I guess!

17. What would you advise to young tattoo-artists in Russia, how to build their education to make a minimum of errors and quickly start to do artwork, for which will not be ashamed?
My answer would be the same for any country - WORK with artists that are BETTER than you. If you are the best artist in a shop you are going to develop more slowly, when I was a young artist I put my ego aside and always wanted to work with artists who were better than me, that way I learned something everyday. Many young artists don't want to do this because its more fun to be a big fish in a small pond, however, if your trying to get better, you have to be around better artists.

18. In your opinion, what the most effective ways (methods) for the development of tattoo-artist profession? What forms of training are most important? Master-classes on DVD? Visiting of the Convention? Working in a studio near professional tattoo-artist watching the work? Magazines, books on tattoos?
YES - every single one of those, all of them - do as much as you can as hard as you can and live for tattooing. Your work will reflect that.

19.After all the tattoo's you have done. Is their anything you have not had the chance to tattoo that you would like to ?
-yes, I have a secret file of new stuff that I will be doing in 09.

20.Your completely successful. What grades did you get in high school?
-Bad ones!!! I was expelled from 14 schools, I had a lot of issues as a youngster, tattooing saved my life.

21. You just completed a Documentary, "VICKtory to the Underdog" about pit bull rescue, what was the most horrible thing you have seen with the dogs during the filming of this movie? What was the happiest moment during the filming of the movie?
-The worst, was all the shelters full of dogs that were scheduled for death, millions and millions of dogs, and the piles of dead dogs after "gas day" we chose to not show that in the film, because it was literally THAT disturbing. It is implied though. I wish I had never seen that.
-The BEST, was going to VILLA LOBOS in California, it was amazing, they take great care of the dogs and they are saving a LOT of dogs.

22. Are there any subject matters you will not tattoo? Swastikas, Gang signs, revolting s%^t, "F*& You"s?
Nope, Ill tattoo anything, I am after all just the messenger, what people want to put on themselves is up to them.

23 - Do you feel the popularity of the various ink shows (Miami, LA, London) will help educate the main stream society and make tattoos (especially those on mostly visible skin, such as the forearms) more acceptable?
-I think it put a lot of attention in our direction as tattooers, but I can not sit through an hour of that crap, I was on two seasons (cameo style) of LA INK, and its was so fake, so scripted, so contrived, that it makes me nauseous to watch. We have a youtube video of one of my trips out there to the madness:

24 - What can be done to make ink more acceptable in the work place?
-Get more tattoos, good quality well done tattoos.

25- How do you think a show like LA ink compares to the reality of working in and running a tattoo shop?
-It does not compare in any way. There are no similarities at all. It is fake for TV.
26-What prompted you to start All Or Nothing Tattoo Pit bull rescue? Can you elaborate on this endeavor?
-I have been poor my whole life, and for the first time I had some money and some influence, I wanted to use the powers for good, we are working with many different charities now, but for some reason that is the one everyone wants to talk about? Its weird? But anyways, I can relate to the prejudice, and ignorance that is directed at these particular dogs all over the planet, and I knew I could help. So why not? The point is pick something and do something POSITIVE in your life, wounded soldiers, fallen officers, cancer, poor people, orphans or dogs, whatever - the dogs are simply a metaphor for doing something good with your life before you die... and I love dogs so it was an easy leap. www.ATLANTAPITBULLRESCUE is our site and our myspace page is

27-Are there any children in your future?
-I don't know, I'm not sure, with my schedule that way it is it is near impossible for me to even see my wife, much less get her pregnant. I do want kids, but I'm struggling to get through each day as it is. So who knows? Hopefully I will get my life back one day.

28-How can one get into your private Anti Art Elite studio to get work done? Do other artists from All Or Nothing Tattoo work there if it is not a collaboration with you?
-email she is my assistant and she is awesome. And yes, many artists have tattooed over there without me being present, but if its a cool tattoo, I will usually glove up and climb in anyways. The shop has two websites and

29. I guess the main question is.. "See You In Hell" the tattoo documentary from Stranglehold was released and at the end you are talking in general about a needed back surgery and the time off to do it, have you yet gotten the surgery?? Along with the vacation time to do it and recuperate??
-Nope, I'm still in pain everyday. I'm afraid to have the surgery, so I'm putting it off as long as I can. It blows.
30. has seen an amazing amount of success since you started it, whats up with Stranglehold.
-Stranglehold March is a company, a publishing house, a movie making entity, a creator of books, a clothing line, hell we will sell anything on there! I wanted the ability to sell products without cooperate influence on the products, no censorship, total control, we have kicked ass. Its exciting and amazing, we have some pretty large surprises on the horizon for 09 with STRANGLEHOLD... stay tuned. And we have a pretty funny commercial for that company here:

31. You have like a zillion websites, why do you have so many and what are they?

-Well none of our websites can even seem to fit everything going on with us, its crazy, and we burn through webguys like a hooker goes through condoms. Our main webguy is amazing, and I love him dearly, but even he can not seem to keep up with half of what we have going on so we just keep building MORE here's a list as of Christmas 08, we have two more coming online in January:

32. When are you going to slow down?

-As SOON as I possibly can, which may be never, I am responsible for all my guys and gals making money and I want to always make sure they are succeeding. It sucks, but it is all i know how to do. I don't even know what it is like to have a "normal" life, but I want whatever that is bad!

33. You just expanded "ALL OR NOTHING" into "DOUBLE OR NOTHING" tell me about that?

-We took over the entire building we are in, it was inevitable. It would have made way more since to simply build another studio at another location instead of under the same roof, but we all wanted to work together, so I too will be returning to work, now ANTI ART ELITE, Stranglehold Merch, ALL OR NOTHING, and Atlanta Pit Bull rescue headquarters, will all be under the same roof. Its insane I know, but it is what we decided to do. Pictures can be seen at:
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Old 05-06-2009, 03:23 PM
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Default Re: the longest collection of typing ever....

The Great Pit Ball, a star studded charity event to raise money for Villa Lobos Rescue Center, was a resounding success on March 14, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. With over 1,000 attendees flying in from all over the globe, the guest list included celebrities like Michael Berryman (The Devil’s Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science, One flew over the Cuckoos Nest), Pixie Acia (LA Ink, Miami Ink and Fear factor game show winner) Tera Patrick, the number one porn star in the world who won the coveted “Best new starlet” award and has been in over 100 adult films; Evan Seinfeld, the well known lead vocalist of the multi-platinum album selling Biohazard , an adult film actor, director, photographer, writer, entrepreneur, and starred in the HBO series “Oz”, James Madio (Hook, Basketball Diaries, Lost Boys, Band of Brothers), UFC fighter Alex Karalexis from the UFC reality series and 3-time UFC veteran, “Razor” Rob McCullough the 5 time world Muay Thai champion and former World Extreme Cage Fighting Weight Champion; Mario Barth, world renowned and celebrity tattoo artist, owner and chief tattoo artist at Starlight Tattoo; John Huntington, formally from the show "INKED Hart & Huntington" which is now Huntington Ink at the Palms Casino, also known as the country’s premiere nightclub promoter; and Boo-yaa Tribe, a hip-hop group from California, Ice-T, rapper and actor, and many more. Thousands of pictures are being uploaded directly to:

Villa Lobos Rescue Center, is the largest pit bull rescue in the world. Animal Planet is filming a new show about the facility for the upcoming summer series expected to air in June of 2009. After 17 years in existence, Villa Lobos was facing bankruptcy, and was effectively saved by this charity gala. The Great Pit Ball was filmed in its entirety for the upcoming season and will no doubt be a highlight of the new show.

The event took place at the Palms Casino and the concert and after party was at The House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. World renownowned tattoo artist Brandon Bond, CEO of All or Nothing Inc. and Stranglehold Publications, and, located in Atlanta, Georgia, and two time winner of the "International Tattoo Artist of the Year" award, spent months putting the whole event together. Bond is also the director of the independent documentary “Vicktory to the Underdog: Hell and Back” which also premiered at the Palms that evening, in the opulent Brenden Theaters. The premiere was incredibly well received as the enthusiastic, standing room only crowd cheered and gave multiple standing ovations. A red carpet led everyone into the theater and overflowed with press and exploding flash bulbs. A limited edition widescreen DVD of the film, along with a two disc companion DVD set, and the official motion picture soundtrack can be purchased here: and a preview of the feature film can be viewed here: and a preview of the companion disc collection can be seen here:

Bond fostered three of the infamous Michael Vick dogs and has been involved in working with abused fighting dogs for over 13 years. He is also the owner of Rather than focusing on dog fighting, the movie sheds light on solutions leading to "Vicktory" for all the underdogs in the movie - tattooed people, pit bulls, parolees and all the other people in this world that society has turned their back on through ignorance, prejudice, and racism. The movie also examines the life of Brandon Bond and his struggle with balancing fame, fortune and the Rock-N-Roll tattoo lifestyle with a more fulfilling life that focuses on the betterment of both animals and society as a whole.

This 100% independent film features celebrities including Danny Trejo (Con Air, Dusk Till Dawn, Once Upon a Time In Mexico, Heat), Michael Berryman (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Devils Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes), Pixie Acia (Miami Ink and La Ink), Donal Logue (Blade, Grounded for Life), Senator Chip Rogers (who just passed a law making it illegal to attend dogfights in GA), Bob Barker (The Price is Right, Happy Gilmore) and Senator Robert Byrd, among many others.

The "Pit Ball" event line-up began with an art show featuring artists from all over the world. Tables and easels were set up with all the art so that attendees could walk around and check out the art that was going to be auctioned off during the dinner portion. Various celebrities showed their support by signing autographs and posing for pictures. Submitting artists included, Cam De Leon (famous for creating artwork for the band Tool), H.R. Giger, Brandon Bond, Damon Conklin, Durb Morrison, Dave Tedder, John Lloyd, Jace Masula, Short Parker, Ryan Downie, Robert Pho, and many more. The art show was an incredible and ecclectic collection of paintings, photographs, sculpture, mixed media, and collage. The art was auctioned off by "Heckles and Twitch", All proceeds from the art auction were also donated to Villa Lobos.

Immediately following was an amazing 5 star dinner spearheaded by award winning New York chef Chef Ralph Perazzo. Other award winning chefs included Chef Geno Bernardo of Nove Palms Casino; Chef Barry Dakake of N9ne Steak House at the Palms Casino; Chef Rick Moonen of RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay casino; Chef Joe Elevado of Social House at Treasure Island Casino and Chef Kerry Simon of Simon Restaurant and Lounge at the Palms Casino. The mood was festive, and the signature dishes were amazing. It was like dining at every single 5 star restaurant in Las Vegas at one time. Animal Planet was there to film all the excitement. The musical talents of Kimber Cleveland were enjoyed by all throughout the dinner. Kimber is a musician and singer from Nashville who has also been active in pit bull rescue for over 10 years. She has been using her music to get the message out about the beloved breed. During dinner, Tia Torres, owner of Villalobos Rescue, was presented with a $25,000.00 check from Brandon Bond. The actual amount raised for Villa Lobos at the Pit Ball actually far exceeded this amount and continues to as more donations roll in. Donations can be made at “Of course, more money is always appreciated, and MUCH needed”, says Brandon Bond. Upon receiving the check, Tia became overwhelmed with emotion and teared up a little, melting through her "hard" exterior. Villa Lobos Rescue Center houses 200 pit bulls waiting to be adopted. The rescue has been up and running for 17 years but with the dire economic times in America, donations have dried up, and Tia was facing bankruptcy her. Famed clowns “Heckles and Twitch”, the multi award winning performers popular within horror and Halloween circles, auctioned off the artwork.

Following dinner, attendees walked through the Palms casino to Brendan Theaters to watch the cast and crew of the documentary walk the red carpet along with many of the celebrity attendees. Once everyone filed into the theater, and the seats filled up, it became standing room only. Brandon Bond got up and introduced the film, and dedicated the premiere to his wife, Ashley Bond, who is also starring in the film, and his loyal assistant Nicole Webster, who was insturmental in every aspect of the Pit Ball. It was an extremely emotional premiere for all who attended. "The response of the crowd was overwhelming. There was cheering, yelling, booing (when Michael Vick first appeared on screen), standing ovations, laughter, and the soft whimper of emotional release could be heard nonstop throughout the premiere, there was not a dry eye in the theater" says Bond.

Once the movie was over, attendees traveled to The House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Casino for the final event of the evening. The line up of bands was amazing. The House of Blues was packed with concert goers, celebrities, and pit bull supporters. ToeTag , which includes members of the band Until the End, and is featured on the “Vicktory to the Underdog” official motion picture soundtrack, started off the show, and tore up the stage. The Spyderz, were introduced next by the lovely Tera Patrick (adult film star and wife of lead vocalist Evan Seinfeld, who is also the founder of the platinum band, Biohazard and played an amazing set including brand new songs. The crowd continued to grow as Madball took the stage and played a roaring set. Madball are icons in the underground and responsible for some of the most important releases in the "hardcore" genre. The finale was put on by the 20 year veterans, and Brandon Bond's personal favorite band, Sick of it All, the longest standing New York hardcore band active today. They played their hearts out and even dedicated thier performance to the film "Vicktory to the Underdog". The last band took the show to an entirely different level and played one of the best shows in their illustrious history. 100% of all ticket sales also went to Villa Lobos, the bands donated their time without hesitation when Bond requested. It was the perfect end to a perfect night.

Brandon Bond’s work has changed the lives of not just the dogs, but the people involved as well. Villa Lobos has been struggling to keep their doors open for some time, and this event combined with the profits from the film will keep this large facility in operation until the money from the Animal Planet show arrives. The Great Pit Ball effectively saved the largest pit bull rescue in the country.

Sponsors for the event included: Best Friends Animal Society, H2Ocean, All or Nothing Inc., Stranglehold Inc., Tattoo Caddycot, Huntington Ink, Starlight Tattoo, and Vet Aid. These organizations came out to the event and supported Bond in his efforts financially.

Below is an interview recently conducted directly with Brandon Bond:

1. Just how much of a financial impact did the event make for Villalobos Rescue Center?

(BB) Tia Torres came to me late last year (08) and explained the financial situation she was facing. She asked me to help, so we started helping as hard and as intensely as we could. The first thing we did was hold an online auction on my websites and we raised about $20,000.00 for her within a month or so. We also started an online donation collection for her, which is STILL active and can be found at and we have already exceeded $5,000.00 that way. This all was wonderful, but her operating expenses exceeds these amounts, and dramatic action had to be taken. I have effectively run all 4 of my companies into the ground finishing this film and working to create this huge Vegas fundraiser, all the way across the country dealing with casinos and flights and venues I had never even been inside of. It was an insane 4 months, but we did it. And according to Tia, we saved her operation, so we DID IT! Without all of this dramatic action, bankruptcy was immanent. The fight is not over, but we are closer. Once her new TV show airs I believe that the donations will ROLL IN! Television can reach a much wider demographic than anything my companies can provide, so we are anxiously awaiting the shows immanent debut. It's an incredible show, Ive already seen a couple episodes, and I am in fact on my way to LA right now to film another episode with them.

Without our help, she would have been forced off her property and all the dogs would have again become homeless and hopeless. The first thing to dry up in dire economic circumstances is DONATIONS, and she is 100% dependant on donations to survive, she still needs more help, but we kept them going! So the answer is, the financial impact was monumental.

2. The event was about more than just raising money - it was about awareness. Do you feel you have managed to reach the hearts and minds of people - not just those attending (that's just preaching to the choir!), but people to whom pit bulls are dangerous animals that we need to be protected from by legislature?

(BB) I believe that the film itself does that yes. Anyone who watches this film, is effected, no matter who they are or how they feel about anything. The dogs in the film are simply a metaphor for so much more, and many widespread topics are explored - man vs nature, man vs man, prejudice, assumptions, media, and the ability for ANYONE to do some good in this world. There is something for everyone in this film. It is 100% uncensored, and untainted by cooperate influence. The pure definition of "Independent Film". This is nothing like what you would see on Animal Planet, its extremely "in your face" and it's a roller coaster. I own 100% of the rights to all footage and we are currently seeking the best distribution deal. The money of course will go directly to Tia, less our hard costs. So help us sell it!

3. The art auction features some very striking pieces - can you tell me a little about the artists featured? How well did the pieces sell? Which was your favorite piece at the auction?

(BB) My favorite piece was a painting by Robert Pho, who is also a well known tattoo artist from Las Vegas. Unfortunately while I was filming with Animal Planet someone out bid me on that piece and I did not get to bring it home to my gallery. It was a bummer. I'm still upset about it. Other artists included: Cam De Leon (famous for creating artwork for the band Tool), Brandon Bond, Damon Conklin, Durb Morrison, Dave Tedder, John Lloyd, Jace Masula, Short Parker, Ryan Downie, Matt Dunlap, and many more. The art show was an incredible and ecclectic collection of paintings, photographs, sculpture, mixed media, and collage. The art was auctioned off by "Heckles and Twitch", All proceeds from the art auction were also donated to Villa Lobos, and helped us cover the monumental costs of throwing this huge event.

Being an artist myself, and owning a gallery, it only made since for me to use my connections in the art world to get a bunch of awesome pieces sent out for the event. Seeing as "art" is actually what funded the entire film project, it just made since. My entire award winning staff at also donated pieces to the show so it was a family effort for sure. I did purchase the Dave Tedder painting of a pit bull it is amazing! His artwork can be viewed at

4. What about the bands? The Great Pit Ball featured acts like Sick of it All, Madball, The Spyderz and Toetag - favorites of yours? Were there any other bands you wish could have attended in addition?

(BB) Yes, I personally contacted each band, and personally bought their flights and rooms and all that. I called in a lot of favors to pull this off, but the bands were AWESOME about helping. Evan Seinfeld is the pure definition of a rockstar/pornstar, but is extremely cool about charity stuff, I have been a long time fan of his music, however I consider him a friend also. Sick of it All has been one of my favorite bands since I was in middle school! As has Madball, and I have been very close friends with John Wiley (CEO of Eulogy Recordings and guitar player for ToeTag and Until The End) and he has helped us out on many projects to date. Our first film "SEE YOU IN HELL" availible here: exclusively features Eulogy music, and my instructional tattoo seminar DVD series "The Whole Enchilada Vol 1 and Vol 2" both feature all Eulogy music: He and I have worked on many projects together, and the original motion picture soundtrack to "Vicktory to the Underdog" is predominately Eulogy donated music which can be found here:

As to adding any other bands, the show didn't even start until midnight west coast time so the poor guys had to play until like 6 am east coast time! there is NO WAY I would have added any more bands!!! These bands are my favorites and my friends, both old and new and I couldn't have been more pleased with the way they played their damn hearts out. Sick of it All for example, played one of the best shows I have ever seen them play - it was unbelievable! And the Spyderz unleashed some NEW songs at the event, which was awesome for everyone. The fact that Sick of It All dedicated the performance to the film they had just watched, "Vicktory" was also amazing. It was very touching.

5. You told me the Pit Ball would take a great deal of preparation. Have your expectations been realized, or was it even more difficult? Did you encounter any surprises? Can you consider this the biggest party you've ever thrown?

(BB) Actually, to be perfectly honest, it was a long terrible road. I was not able to sit back and enjoy my own premiere even! I was constantly having to walk out of the theater to talk on my cell phone and prepare everything for the concert! My assistant and I (Nicole Webster, who is also in the film) have never worked so many gruelling hours 7 days a week. It was unbearable. We were pulling 20 hour shifts because of the different time zones, and the chaos and the bands and the flights. And she is 8 months pregnant! Poor girl. It was horrendous, an event like this is usually planned out at least 8-12 months in advance, but Tia ( needed the money NOW, so we had to step it all up. And with the last minute venue change a lot of people said it couldn't even be done. We did not relent. Tenacity is a trait I learned from my Pit Bulls and my father. We did not give up, and even in the face of all the chaos, Nicole and I persevered. Every single member of the "Pit Ball" committee fell off, quit, or disappeared as the event grew and approached and it was only us.

At the last minute I reached out to Mario Barth a long time friend and celebrity tattoo artist who owns a studio in Mandalay Bay, and John Huntington (formerly of Hart and Huntington and the tv show INKED) who has a tattoo shop in the Palms. They and companies like Best Friends Animal Society and H20cean came in at the last second to help financially, and we did it! I am officially retiring from events all together - its was a rough ride, I'm still exhausted!

6. Have you already received reviews of Vicktory to the Underdog? What are they saying? Was there anything you wish you could have added to the DVD? Will your next DVD pick up where Vicktory left off?

(BB) The reviews have been amazing, and inspiring. People are freaking out, it is an entirely different perspective portrayed in the film than the usual animal rescue "BS". I would have done the movie much differently had we had more time for sure, we were under a lot of pressure, and had numerous issues with production and the producer out in LA. the hardest thing I have ever done was this film, and I have done a LOT of projects. It too was a hell ride, and was barely finished in time for the premiere! The limited edition widescreen DVDs are shipping worldwide now however, and they are being incredibly well received.

The next project coming out is not my film, however I am helping to promote it and will also help financially if needed. It is by a young director, and friend Michael Dinco, and it is called "The Denver Dog Massacre". It is amazing and 99% complete! He is busy working as a producer on Tia's new Animal Planet Show, so it is on hold presently. He also did some work on the "Vicktory" project. Mikey D (as we call him) is also an amazing musician, he wrote and performed the title track on the Vicktory soundtrack. The new movie (DDM) is completely unrelated to "Vicktory" however some of the same shots are found in both to tie them together. In the companion discs to the "Vicktory" project, you actually see Mikey leaving in his red Ford Explorer, filming, with pits in the back and on the way to Denver to make his film, so they do overlap, but it's subtle and very "artsy". The companion discs and all the special features to the "Vicktory" film are found here: this two disc set is an entirely different version of "Vicktory to the Underdog" as well as HOURS of deleted scenes and extended interviews. It is very "homemade" yet high quality. In some ways I much prefer this version of the film. It is completely different than this: even though a few key scenes are included in both, just from an entirely different perspective. I directed both projects, however the companion discs were created by a producer here in Atlanta that was much easier to work with, so it has an extremely warm and comfortable vibe. It was way more fun making the companion discs for sure.

7. Did the local laws and/or logistics allow for pit bull adoption during the show, via Villa Lobos? Has the event prompted many new adoptions in general? Are you yourself planning to add to your six anytime soon?

(BB) I am maxed out on dogs, taking in any more than the 6 I have would not be fair to those 6 or to my wife! She has to take care of all of them! And yes, the film has inspired a lot of adoptions already. We have been getting flooded with mail about how people are opening their eyes, and looking to adopt in their local area. Villa Lobos will inevitably see a LOT of adoptions once the show airs and the movie sees more distribution as well.

8. You mentioned that Animal Planet expressed interest in your cause - were they on hand to film the event? Can viewers around the country expect to see the Great Pit Ball aired on their TVs?

(BB) YES, actually Animal Planet was in Vegas filming for several days, and YES it will the be in the new season of Tia's show for sure. This June is the latest projected air time. The fact that they were there barking orders at all of us made the event 10 times more stressful for me and a few of the people involved, but it is for a great cause, and will inevitably create the best record of the event.

Animal Planet also had private interviews with some of the celebrities and bands in the "BCS" (Brenden Celebrity Suites) above the movie theater. It was incredible! I was involved in a lot of that also. I am actually packing now to go to LA to film more with Tia, and the Animal Planet people! The new show is amazing and I'm grateful to be a part of it. The premise is that the parolees are helping the pit bulls, and the pit bulls are helping the parolees, its amazing. Lots of tattooed folks, dogs, and chaos for sure. this is a news story about Villa Lobos that kind of gives a window into whats going on out there, and here is the homemade pilot that we used to get Tia the show:

9. You are a world-renowned tattoo artist - and many of the visitors at the Pit Ball were inked. It is clearly an artistic medium in its own right - customers of yours?

(BB) I would say that 90% of all patrons were heavily tattooed yes. It is my demographic for sure. I have the ability to reach these people in a way that "Disney style, animal planet fluff" cannot. These are the people that actually own pit bulls, these are the people over breeding them into oblivion, and these are the people that are joining together to speak for those without a voice. It is amazing.

There was an incredible collection of tattoos everywhere! It was awesome, like a tattoo convention, without the tattooing.

10. In our last interview you mentioned you were still waiting for a response from Michael Vick's attorneys, which they promised to give you after viewing the DVD. Did they bite?

(BB) I have not gotten a response yet no, and honestly don't expect one. They are so focused on him going back to play football that unless this facilitates that, they probably will not want to respond. HOWEVER, in the film we suggest that second chances are VITAL, and that even Vick deserves the voice to represent how cruelty to animals is sick and depraved. So we may get something from his people. Whether he actually means it or if his PR people are just telling him what to say is completely irrelevant to me, the message needs to get to the young kids that idolize him. I don't care if he means it or not, I just want him to scream it from the rooftops regardless. People are listening. in fact I will gladly meet with him and hook him up with a tattoo! We have a lot to talk about! and I do in fact have one if his dogs sitting here licking my foot right now.

And finally,

11. You mentioned earlier that L.A. is your next stop. What are your plans there, as far as promoting Vicktory to the Underdog and general pit bull awareness? What's next for you?

(BB) I am taking the trip out to Villa Lobos, to figure out all the money from the pit ball, and to visit Tia, and to film for another episode of her show. I am also going to see Evan Seinfeld's band Biohazard in their 20 year reunion tour and do a lot of drinking. I am very excited to go on this adventure. However I am exhausted absolutely, so I am slightly apprehensive. I need about a months worth of sleep.

After that I am returning to TATTOOING! And I am very excited, I book appointments about a year in advance normally, however, with all this charity chaos and movie crap we have not even booked a single 09 appointment! So is now compiling a massive list of eager clients flying in to get tattooed throughout the summer and fall and we will be giving out dates starting as soon as April!

I beat my face against the cooperate wall long enough with all this charity and movie crap, and I'm super excited to just go back to what made all of this possible. My artwork. I am making a "no talking about dogs or movies" rule in my new studio that is being built for me now. I may even hang a sign. Unfortunately now everyone and their brother seems to want me to do portraits of pit bulls all over them! I'm joking, kinda, I don't mind tattooing images of dogs actually. I'm just tired of people talking to me about it! But I am thrilled to go back to my normal life and turn off my phone. This is me disappearing into what I know best and going out of the charity game fully knowing that we kicked a lot of ass.

So stop sending us mail about dogs! The whole purpose was to incite OTHERS to do their part, so roll your sleeves up and get involved. We did our part! I'm going back to work and actually going to try and get my wife pregnant, which sounds like fun in a lot of ways!

Thank you for the interview.

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Default Re: the longest collection of typing ever....

Originally Posted by BRANDON BOND View Post

Such a very amazing link!
Thank you for the post.
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Default Re: the longest collection of typing ever....

Im glad you liked it!
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