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Default Testimonials about the seminar DVD

Testimonials From People who've purchased The Whole Enchilada!

HI there Brandon, my names MAT Lapping n im a tattooist at a shop called INKWERX here in england, Been tattooing pro now for about 4 years an I just wanted to say thank you my friend, I got your seminar DVD and it was the best money i've ever spent. I took onboard every word you said and my tattoos have improved 150%. If you get time have a quick look at my gallery please. the first 10 or so pictures have been done after watching your DVD if you wanted to post a comment it would mean a great deal.
Many thanks
PS right off to watch it for the 9th time cheers mate

....Hey Man!!!!....I just wanted You to Know that,Although I was a BIT skeptical after taking Your Seminar..Viewing Your DVD...HOWEVER,ONCE I got back to The Shop,& Started USING the Techniques discussed,My Color Blending FINALLY makes sense,& My Tattoo Time has been CUT IN HALF;...WITHOUT Trying!!!....Thanks Brandon,...Best Money I EVER Spent!!!!///Now....Gimme a JOB!! Sean

Hey man, I just got "The Whole Enchilada" in the mail yesterday. I've watched it twice already. I just want to let you know I'm very happy with my purchase. I have never taken any seminars and this video let's me take yours over and over. Today is my day off, but I'm already thinking of what I can do on my apprentice if I go up to the studio later. Also, I feel like I've been missing something. I see myself taking seminars in the future from other artists I respect and admire as well. Not only that, but I'm thinking about getting some work from you when I get some money saved. It may be a while since I have kids and all, but I'm sure that once I begin to apply the knowledge I gained from your video the cash will start rolling in. Thanks again for being such a driving force in the tattoo industry.
Sincerely, Doug Garcia Tattooer Body Effects Tattoo

your my hero!! seriously i watched like maybe an hour of the video and already my work is stuck in a shop with a bunch of flash artists and never had an apprenticeship so im just kinda winging it, without any outside help and i want to be so f@#kin much better then i am now,thank you for helping people like me .alright now you can take your balls of my f@#kin chin!! have a f@#kin punk rock day!!
jamie jones

hey dude received your dvd last week good s&!t ive been tattooing for 12 years all over the uk and in oz. i dig a lot on the dvd it was worth every doesn't matter what you do there will always be those d*ckheads that have to have there say so f*ck em. the dvd has opened a few new doors for me to try something different cheers again and good luck. romper ps when im not tattooing im shooting f*cking love it.

Dear Mr. Bond,
My name is Michael Norris. I am a tattoo artist at a tiny little street shop in a tiny little town in Arkansas. I ordered your Whole Enchilada DVD a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to tell you how much I liked it. And how much I appreciate you sharing you knowledge. I had heard about you from articles in magazines and some of them gave the impression that you were a complete d**k. I think after watching the DVD that that is most definitely not true. Anyway, I do tiny little tattoos, mostly flash and probably 50 percent of that is cherry creek. I watched your DVD and I am learning about how to steer a client into a much better decision when it comes to a tattoo. I have started doing a lot of tattoos for very cheap just to show people what can be done and hopefully it won't be long and people will start wanting larger custom stuff. You have inspired me in many ways, I am definitely drawing more so that when someone wants a custom piece I can come up with something that they will love and that will be fun to do. Your color blending technique has paid off already. I did a butterfly yesterday that was about the size of a business card, or smaller and I had some of the best blends I have ever done in it. I have never been happier after doing a 60 dollar butterfly. So even if people are getting smaller tattoos for a while, at least I will be able to take more pride and satisfaction in them. Thank you again.
Michael Norris.

Just picked up the DVD today and watched it for the 1st time when I got home tonight ( so I haven't got to try any of the color blending stuff, etc.) I gotta say it was really well done. The amount of info on that f@#kin thing is staggering, but at the same time it's pretty entertaining so it's easy for the super-ADD folks to swallow...A lot of people flap their gums and talk heaps of s&!t on you Brandon and the AON crew, but for you to take the time and compile such an educational piece of work, says a lot about the type of dude you are and how you run your company....My hat off to ya bro-keep up the good work and thanks for putting forth the effort to educate those of us that wanna learn and become better tattooers..... I'll be posting up some new s&!t soon-I already got a few larger pieces lined up that I can apply some new techniques to and rock the funk out of em....Can't wait homies

Hi Brandon,
Let me start by saying I admire all your accomplishments in the tattoo industry. Once I saw you had a DVD I ordered it immediately. I've watched it multiple times. My tattooing has improved. I may not be "All or Nothing" caliber but I'm working towards it. Your color blending style was most help full. I won't bore you with anymore details. I'll just say I truly appreciate your contribution and use what I've learned constantly.
Be well and thanks again,
Adam Lauricella

thanks for the dvd. i got it today and watched it once already and am about to watch it again. i cant wait until tomorrow so i can try some of the things you talked about in it. its super informative and helpful. i dont think i can thank you enough for it.i'll be e-mailing you some pics of the work i'm doing after watching it, actually i'll probably send a few before dvd pics and after dvd pics. next time i'm down in your area i'm going to be stopping in and setting up an appointment with you for my left rib piece, i've got a rough idea for you that i'll give you and just let you run with it. i just need to know how much cash i'll need to bring with me for a deposit for the appointment. i know you're booked for along time but its going to be worth the wait. i'll talk to you later and thanks again for the dvd.

- Studio (thats his name, "Studio")

Wanted to thank you for making the DVD the whole enchillada vol !, look forward to your new one coming out. I have been in the business for 20 years, sort of feel into it after getting clean. Best move I ever made. Anyway thank you I have applied some of what you explained and got great results. I will always strive to do better then my best and learning from everything I can get my hands on is how I have taught myself. I have great respect for your talent and that you are willing to share with those who hunger for knowledge.

Arlene - ink obsession

What changed?.......Everything. I want to go back and redo all the tattoos I have done in the past 5 years. I watched the DVD Wednesday night and and couldn't wait to tattoo the next day. I had a guy coming in for a big piece on the top of his forearm. A skull some brass knuckles, banner and other stuff. I had already planned on doing the skull blue. So I was like perfect perfect, I can apply this stuff. The funny thing is I was just working from a sketch, little shading no color reference, but hey it's a skull I can pull this off. I got so caught up in black, black, black, blend no rinse no rinse. That I completely forgot about my light sources and stuff. So the blends in the skull turn out awesome. But the skull kinda ended up with these weird highlights. Hopefully it won't matter. Later that day I did a celtic heart, with knot work in the middle. Instead of doing it with a flat red in the middle, I went from black to purple to dark red to red. It turned out great. You could see the purple but you couldn't see it, perfect blend. Anyway thanks Brandon, If I ever make it big you'll definitely be getting props. Oh and don't be surprised if I start flooding this message board with questions. The fire is lit.

I got my copy last week and it definately lit a fire under my ass and got me pointed in the right hasn't left my dvd player since I got it...I'd type more accolades and s&!t but I gotta get back to work...Thanks Brandon.

thanks guys with the stuff i learned in "the whole enchilada" I'm also having allot more fun tattooing !!!!!!!!
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