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Default random crap on the internet

Tattoo Back Design – Where are the Good, Crisp Back Tattoos?
You want to find a good tattoo design back and look through some of the clear images of quality that is available. And is not that far to reach the goal, but the majority of people in search of "quality" tattoos online, you will not find. Is there a simple way to change this turned around, but so that you can find all the good tattoo back design you want.

This is a drastic measure taken should be. Why? Since more than ninety percent of men and womenview of fresh, quality tattoos online is not even located in the immediate vicinity, much of them. This happens every day, because all the search engines used and nothing else. Search engines have "the capacity" to find almost everything on the Internet. Certainly things like Google and Yahoo fantastic, though for most of the sites, but this is not the case if you have a good strong tattoos, crystal and artwork. Report to a good tattoo design is to findlike trying to hit a baseball, while it is black as pitch.

Instead of search engines that you get a nice list of first-class galleries, this completely random list of low end galleries. They all kept the same old people that we are living for some time more than nine years. The search engines to draw as many galleries that has seen the same cookie cutter artwork that has millions of web surfers. Where to get a quality tattoo design then? Now youAnother option, and is much better search engines base are used.

This is all the greater use of forums that are available. I say this because an incredible community forum that will help you to become a possession of first-class galleries, which can be really proud of sending large tattoos. If you want a great tattoo designs back and use some of the most important forum and you will be comfortable in what you can prepare to be surprised. The forums are greatalways full of topics about tattoos is within these topics, where you can find out where people are located throughout the world, with great works of art. Link to link can be found in this way, in order to get the latest tattoo back design you've always dreamed of. It's so easy.

No need to sit quietly for a bit 'random, generic tattoo design, you always regret the tattoo, so please take time to find the desired item.
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Default Re: random crap on the internet

the desired item?

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Default Re: random crap on the internet

Since man first learned to mark his body, mankind has taken place in contest to find the most b1tc4in’ tattoo possible and scar themselves with it for the rest of us to see and envy. Others, however, seem to have gotten lost along the way. They’ve hunted high and low and, finding nothing, have settled for absolutely anything without realizing that they’re settling for crap. As a service to you, the dear WeirdWorm reader, here’s a crash course on tattoos you should avoid if you enjoy living a life unburdened by shame.

1. Video Game Tattoos
Some of us like video games. Some of us like them a little too much.

You may not know this yet, you hip 20-to-30 something, tech savvy target demographic, but there will (hopefully) come a time in your life when you stop caring for video games as much as you do and you (hopefully) learn to be a productive member of society. Knowing this, why would you choose to show your fondness for Duck Hunt by searing your flesh with its visage?


Here’s a prime example of a terrible idea that can only get worse. The subject in this case has given people a reason to punch them in the throat and an awesome catchphrase to shout while they do so. Maybe that was his intention, and I’d think that were brilliant if I weren’t so busy trying to Google this guy’s address for the previously mentioned throat-punching.


For our second example, a young lady has chosen to cover her body with, among many other things, a Pac-Man board. And while some people may no doubt find that appealing (hey man, that’s just your scene), what she doesn’t realize is that once she reaches middle age, the cruel specter of time will make this look like a melting Pollock painting (which, I imagine, is a unique and messy fetish on its own). Still, it’s good to see that someone willing to tattoo themselves with something that will most likely stop being relevant during their lifetime has the foresight to hide their nipples from when taking photographs of the mistake they made. That’s just classy.


Finally, it was probably this woman’s intention to gain attention to grab as much attention as possible when she had this done. It probably wasn’t her intention to give all the creepy, bearded guys crawling her Wal-Mart’s electronics center something to think about while the lie in bed every night for the rest of their lives.

2. Faces
The human being is a fairly complicated thing to reproduce with art. There are entire schools devoted to teaching the craft, compounding centuries of studies into a few years of nude models and awkward erections. It’s a bit foolish (and dangerous) to expect a gentleman with a burning needle to be able to give you satisfactory results, but dammit, people dare to live the dream.


I’m actually pretty hesitant to make fun of this, given that the memorial text above it. But every time they look at that tattoo, they’re going to remember that poor woman as what would appear to be an angry burn-victim zombie. That’s just sad.

On the “it’s okay to make fun of” side of things, here’s what happens when 90s alternative rock meets terrible decisions:


That’s Adam Duritz, the frontman for Counting Crows. Or rather, that’s Adam Duritz, the frontman for Counting Crows and five time Omaha Bageldog Eating champion. I’m willing to bet it takes quite a few lies to explain why there’s a fat man on your back and why his scalp is being devoured by a spider.

3. Tattoos on Faces
Since we’re talking about faces, let’s chat about yours, faceless internet.

The face is a vital part of the human form because it allows us to identify one another without having to shout one’s name or otherwise put any effort into actively seeking someone out. It’s also something that the rest of us get to look at (unless you’re a career criminal, in which case your work uniform requires you to wear a ski mask, or if “the rest of us” consists of Ray Charles, which would be odd because he’s supposed to be blind and also dead).


I know it’s impossible to tell someone’s intentions in getting a specific tattoo, but this is the exception to the rule. This guy either a) wanted to pay an eternal tribute to the great gentleman’s game chess, or b) ensure that he could never, ever be employed again with any job that requires an interview or


Now I’m not what you would call a sports fan, but I do know that the Raiders play the good version of football. I also know that it’s common for sports fans to paint their faces in support of their team. So, by getting his face forever scarred in favor of these “Raiders,” this guy is like the Christ figure of sports fans. Sadly, the Raiders haven’t won a Superbowl since 1983, so clearly the enthusiasm his face is expressing isn’t enough.

4. Full Body Tattoos
Full body tattoos are an interesting concept. They cost thousands of dollars and, if you’re a member of decent society, most people won’t be able to them because members of decent society enjoy wearing clothes. Still, if you’re going to go, you might as well go big.


That’s Tom Leppard and I’m not about to make fun of a man who has taken several steps towards actually becoming a jungle cat. Seriously, if you saw this coming towards you on the street, would your first reaction be to laugh? Maybe, but it’ll be the last time you laugh before he summons the leap to maul you like a gazelle. Moving on.


Here we go. In this image, Ernest Hemingway puts on about three-hundred pounds and also loses his pants. You can tell he didn’t really think this through because he’s never going to get to show this thing off in public, unless of course he walks around without a shirt, in which case you can’t finish reading this article because the mere suggestion of such a thing has driven you blind.

5. Portraying Some Sort of Persona
Some people go through great lengths to present themselves as someone else. I don’t mean that in the usual “serial killer who turns fat ladies into house coats” sort of way, but rather they create a secondary persona to hide their primary, often sucky personality. There’s nothing wrong with that. Hell, lots of people do it: professional wrestlers, super heroes, super villains and G.I. Joes all create a facade to make themselves seem much more interesting.


Mr. Cool ICE (emphasis his) takes the persona thing to an entirely different level so high above anyone else that I’m pretty sure he’s the only one occupying it. Let’s try to analyze everything this tattoo tries to say:

Mr. Cool ICE – “I’m a bad ass of such an extreme nature that my coldness can only be described with polite mannerisms and capital letters.”

Skull with cool shades – “I’m dark, yet relaxed, like if Charlie Manson were a lounge musician.”

Of course, something this perplexing would carry over to the back:


More skulls with skull with cool shades: “I’m dark, yet relaxed, and feel compelled to inform everyone this regardless of where they are standing in relation to me.”

Shades on the back of head – Actually, can I get some conformation that that’s supposed to be a pair of shades? Because it kind of looks like a bow tie. Uh, “I also enjoy formal dress,” I suppose?

Written by Ben Dennison – Copyrighted ©
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Default Re: random crap on the internet

If ex-BBC presenter turned conspiracy theorist and science fiction writer David Icke is to be believed, the world is run not by the illuminate or aliens, but by lizard people from beneath the earth. The British Royal family, the Bush family and other powerful persons are lizards in disguise, working together to achieve absolute power over the world of men. These lizards come from beneath the surface of the earth, which is supposedly completely hollow and lit by a central ‘second sun’. For thousands of years they posed as gods, explaining the fixation that many ancient cultures had with lizards, but they have since modified their approach to human domination and taken key roles in political parties, the media and other organizations we just love to hate. So how do we tell if somebody is one of the lizard people or not? Apparently it’s all in their eyes, as is the only evidence for this insane theory.


2. Die, Princess, Di!
Perhaps Queen Elizabeth really is one of the lizard people. She’d have to be pretty evil to order the death of her daughter-in-law just to spare the Royal family the embarrassment of her marrying a Muslim. Princess Diana was attempting to escape the paparazzi in Paris when her car collided with the central support pillar of an underpass. Her fiancé, Dodi Fayed was also killed in the crash. His father, businessman Muhamed Al Fayed, has publicly insisted that the Royals, in particular Prince Phillip, are to blame. Whilst the death of Princess Di has all the hallmarks of an accidental collision, some continue to believe that the Royals had the motive and the means to have her assassinated.


3. KFC Causes Sterility in Black Men
This golden nugget dates back to the 1950s when the KKK were at their height and the common perception of African Americans was that they ate nothing but fried chicken and water melons. It saw somewhat of a revival in the 1980s, following the death of Colonel Sanders, the founder and face of the Kentucky Fried Chicken brand. Colonel Sanders is rumoured to have been a Klan member and to have left 10% of his estate to the KKK upon his death. This led to further rumours that the Klan were running the chain. Supposedly the Colonel’s secret recipe of seven herbs and spices contains a chemical compound that renders African American males infertile while leaving white males unharmed.


4. The Mars Conspiracy
The idea of life on Mars has been part of popular culture for a hundred years, so we were all bitterly disappointed when the first images of the Martian surface came back showing nothing but sand and rocks. But there is still a good deal of evidence to suggest that Mars is, or has been populated. The most famous is the case of the strage rock formations in the area of the planet named Cydonnia. Several pyramids sit in this one area, alongside the famous ‘face of Mars’. Whilst it is entirely possible that a mountain could take this shape naturally and coincidentally, that still doesn’t explain the geometric and seemingly unnatural construction of the Cydonian pyramids. This in it’s self is not sufficient evidence to prove that Mars was once home to a long-lost civilization, but an apparent abundance of faces, pyramids and other interesting structures across the surface of Mars certainly raises eyebrows. So why hasn’t NASA directed any of it’s rovers to these interesting locations. Surely the enormous public interest warrants further investigation of Cydonia. Or are they hiding something from us? When the British sent a landing craft to search for signs of life on Mars, the only part of the craft to have been built in America (the parachute) failed, causing it to be lost. Could this have been sabotage?


5. Nazis in Antarctica
We know that the Nazis had rocket technology far in advance of the U.S or the Soviets. Some even claim that they made it to the moon. But were the Nazis also building UFOs? Some leading UFOlogists believe that they were. In the race for Berlin, the Soviets came across a secret Nazi research facility where a supposed flying saucer prototype was found. A second, full-scale craft was also under construction there, using parts manufactured by leading German technology companies, including BMW. The conspiracy theory goes further than this, stating that the Nazis had in fact built several of these saucer craft, perhaps in collusion with an alien intelligence. These advanced craft were transported, towards the end of the war, to a secret base in Antarctica from where they still operate today. Got that? UFOs aren’t flown by aliens, the USAF or Soviets – they’re flown by Nazis from Antarctica.


6. The Alien Connection
Since the mass UFO sightings of the 1950s and 60s it has been quite commonly believed that the U.S government has been contacted by, secretly colluding with, even controlled by an alien influence. Are they building their own flying saucers in Area 51? Are they secretly helping aliens to experiment on the population (and cattle)? Are they covering up the biggest story in human history? Nobody can really say for sure. Although the idea of aliens dictating government policy is too much of a stretch for most people, many hold the opinion that if they had been in contact with aliens, they wouldn’t tell us about it.


Somewhere deep in the snowy landscape of Alaska lies a government research base known as HAARP. The purpose of HAARP is to not only monitor, but also manipulate the ionosphere. Theoretically this would enable boffins on the US government payroll to destroy incoming missiles and disrupt communications throughout the world. This much is true at least. HAARP definitely does exist and is capable of ‘exciting’ the ionosphere, which it claims to do for research purposes only. However, some people believe that HAARPs power goes far beyond mere research and that it has been used to create earthquakes in Asia by temporarily disrupting the Earth’s magnetic field. The presence of an atmospheric disturbance over China shortly before an earthquake in 2009 is often cited as evidence of this. There does seem to be evidence that the U.S government funded the establishment of HAARP based on it’s potential as a weapon, but the extent to which it has been used in this capacity remains unclear.


8. The End is Nigh
Is the world coming to an abrupt end? Is Ragnarok upon us? Is the government keeping this knowledge quiet to prevent panicked rioting and last minute praying? End of the world conspiracies and death cults have been popular since the dawning of the millennium when we actually thought that confused digital clocks might go on a rampage and destroy civilization as we know it. The latest death-fad is based around the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Did the Mayan’s know something that we didn’t? Maybe they knew that their civilization would be long gone by 2012 and that everybody would have switched to the Gregorian calendar by now.

So what exactly is expected to happen in December 2012? Many are expecting the magnetic poles of the earth to shift, causing atmospheric chaos and rendering computers useless. Others believe that the earth will collide with Nabiru, a giant and purely fictional planet currently on a collision course with earth. However, Nabiru is entirely the invention of Nancy Lieder and has no scientific basis. Lieder claims to have been contacted by aliens from Zeta Reticuli, who warned her of the impending disaster. The original date for the Nibiru collision was expected to be in 2003, suggesting either that the aliens got their sums wrong or that Lieder is a nutcase.


9. The Moon Landing Was a Fake
The moon landing was faked. Of course it was. Go to any bar, anywhere in the world and you’ll find at least one guy who believes this crazy story. The whole thing was filmed in a hangar in Area 51 they’ll tell you. That’s why there are several sources of light. That’s why the flag waves. That’s why you can’t see the stars. Of course you’d think that after going to all the trouble of making the consumes, the set, the lander module and actually launching a rocket, the U.S government wouldn’t forget a simple thing like hanging up some fairy lights. And take a second look at that flag. Is it really waving or is it wobbling? Given that the Apollo 11 rocket was actually launched and that the relatively simple technology needed to complete the mission definitely did exist at the time, it would have been just as expensive to fake the mission than to have actually gone. The political impetus of the space race also gave the U.S government greater cause to actually go to the moon than to lie about their adventures and let the Reds get their first.


10. Michael Jackson and LaToya Jackson are the same person
Ok, so this seems a little crazy and frankly ridiculous, but so does Michael Jackson himself. The more you think about it, the more sense this makes. Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time? It would be completely plausible for Michael to have invented an alter-ego for himself, it fits with increasingly shy persona. Would this alter-ego be a woman? Well Michael has become increasingly feminine throughout his life, both in his altered looks, his dress-sense, his voice and his mannerisms. Perhaps Michael finally decided that it was time to undergo the final surgical procedure and become his feminine other-self full-time, staging his own death as a way to make the transition. Not convinced? Give it time – this one grows on you.
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Default Re: random crap on the internet

Research has shown that nearly half of those between the ages of 18 and 40 have a tattoo or several tattoos. The problem here is that a majority of those who have tattoos have later decided that they don’t want them anymore. The biggest complaint to tattoos is dissatisfaction, which has led to a recent increase in tattoo removal.

With the Internet being so popular these days, many people often turn to the Internet for free tattoo designs. For most of us, free is always the way to go. When you stop and think about it, a free tattoo design sounds a lot better than paying as much as $150.00 for one at a tattoo studio. The fact about it is simple – someone could just as easily draw their tattoo design themselves and then pay the tattoo artist to put the tattoo on them.

2. Ambigram – An ambigram is a word that is not only read one way, but also can be read another way (backwards, upside down, etc) often these are written in very artistic and decorative writing styles.

When you show your new tattoo to friends, they may think negative thoughts when you tell them that you got the design free off the Internet. Each and every time you show your tattoo people will want to know about the message and the design, which you’ll probably need to think about.

5. Celtic – Celtic knot work designs are very popular and not just for people who are interest in history and Irish lore. Knot work designs are very in this year.

6. Fairies – Fairies are big this. From Tinkerbell to a fairy out of a fantasy novel, they are all popular.7. Dragons – Dragons have always been popular and that has not changed inrecent years. They’re still popular.

As most already know, free tattoo designs are normally made by those who know next to nothing about tattoo designing. In most cases, these designs are made by someone who is looking to make a quick profit instead of a true professional tattoo artist. You can easily tell that they aren’t professional quality simply by looking at them.

Laser tattoo removal can be very painful, depending on the area that you have the tattoo on. Almost all surgeons will use numbing ointment and local anesthetics before they do the removal, so you experience little to no pain. Even though you may think that you have a high tolerance for pain and can deal with the treatment, you may still want to take any type of numbing that you can get.

If you spend a lot of time searching on the Internet for free tattoo designs, you may be able to find a few with good quality. There are some good quality designs out there, although you’ll probably have to search quite a bit to find them. It’s best to have an idea in mind about the tattoo you want then look for it that way. Although it may take you some time, you could very well find it. If you do come across it as a free tattoo design – you should always triple check the quality before you decide to have it done.

Looking to find the best deal on Tattoo Removal NYC, then visit to find the best advice on New Tattoo Removal for you.
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Default Re: random crap on the internet

Wow. Most of that reads like Helen Keller wrote it.
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Default Re: random crap on the internet

ahahahahahaa hell yeah.

The market has been flooded with tattoo removal products over the last few years, which means that people are starting to reconsider their body look. While tattoos often seem sexy, fashionable or cool ideas, in time, they may only prove to be a bad choice. There is nothing easier than the use of a tattoo removal lotion to solve the problem. If only things were that easy! No matter what advertisers try to convince you of, take everything with a grain of salt! Wake up! Tattoos don’t disappear overnight, and there is no magic trick to get rid of them. Click over here for additional information relating to cool cross tattoo .

There are many products available as tattoo removal lotion, but they all share some repetitive patterns in the way they work. While the ingredients may be different, they usually act in the same way. Before the cleaning process begins, two or three steps have to be covered. This is why a tattoo removal lotion is used only after the application of another topical product meant to prepare the skin for the exfoliation.

The skincare lotion comes first, followed by the tattoo removal lotion, and, at the end, you have to apply some moisturizer or soothing agent to prevent side effects. Basic topical tattoo removal kits will usually contain all three types of products, to cover each stage of the treatment. Despite the fact that the efficiency of such tattoo removal is limited, lots of people consider it worth trying for a number of reasons. You will find complimentary valuable information on cool cross tattoo here.

A tattoo removal lotion that has natural active ingredients is preferable to any other type of product. Then, a tattoo removal lotion is painless and apparently cheaper than a laser procedure. You may have to use several bottles of lotion, but the total amount will not be higher than ,000. You just have to insist with the treatment, as it can last between six months and a year to see any color fading.

TCA chemical ingredients are some of the strongest yet most dangerous that you will find in a tattoo removal lotion. Normally, such products cause a controlled inflammation of the skin, yet, if used incorrectly, you risk permanent scarring in addition to great pain. Follow all the application instructions carefully so as to minimize the risks of adverse reactions. You will gain oodles of additional information relating to cross tattoo here.

Tags: tattoo, Tattoo Design

This entry was posted on Saturday, February
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Default Re: random crap on the internet

The Real Truth About Tattoos | Make Your Opinion Known on this Controversial Article

You want to know the real truth about tattoos? Then you MUST read this controversial article. Wherever I publish it it causes such controversy and, proves another truth about tattoos... namely that tattoo defenders are often potty mouths


90% of people who have tattoos regret doing in the future; 5% regret having a tattoo immediately. over 60% of people find tattoos unattractive. At last the truth about tattoos. This should be read by anyone considering having their first tattoo.

Amphibian Man

I went swimming one day at a public baths. A most striking man sat on the side. “Striking” because his entire body, apart from his head, was covered in tattoos. So apart from his face, hair, rather understated trunks (a neutral beige I seem to remember) and perhaps the soles of his feet, all else was a multitude of colour. Red, blue, yellow but mainly green. “He looks rather like and amphibian” I thought to myself while realising I was gawping rather rudely. My realisation dawned too late, his eyes fixed on my stare and, somewhat aggressively, he asked:

“What are you looking at?”

I answered in all honesty “What do you think?”

He must have known I was looking at him. Mustn't he?

Spider Man

Face tattoos are just as disturbing as the full body tattoo. I once chanced upon a man who had chosen to have a classic spider's web (albeit in red) tattooed upon his face with his nose acting as the web's central emanation point. The sight was somehow quite terrifying but I don't fully understand why. He wasn't acting in a frightening manner, he merely walked towards me as we made our separate ways to different platforms at a railway station. I think the sight communicated with some primeval sense and the resultant quick beat of my heart told me “watch him, he could be dangerous”. Since then the only people with facial tattoos I've noticed have most definitely been dangerous.


The examples above might be extreme but I believe all tattoos are abominations. Here are some frank truths about tattoos.

There is no such thing as a sophisticated tattoo. They all look nasty and cheap and with time, as they fade, even nastier and even cheaper. The cheapest and nastiest tattoos are those whose canvasses were originally firm taut skins but now are faded, drooped and wrinkled.

Sad tattoos include names. Some people have their owner's name etched into their flesh to denote their property status. Sadder tattoos try to rectify this - after the property is no longer required - by re-tattooing over the name.

The funniest tattoo I ever saw was on a young woman's lower back and depicted a leaping dolphin. For all the world, it looked like the dolphin had just leapt out of her knickers. Totally ridiculous.

Over 90% of people with tattoos regret having them sometime in the future. 5% regret having them immediately. More than 60% find tattoos unattractive.

Being tattooed is painful but having them removed is even more so. Tattoos can be expensive but having them removed is even more so.

I think the origin of the word “tattoo” is onomatopoeic from Tahiti. The rat-tat-tat-tat of hammer on pin on skin. But is this enough reason to add one to yourself and become part of the modern rash of tattoos? I think not.

If you are currently deciding whether to tattoo or not, ask yourself the following questions:

What will my tattoo look like in twenty years time?
Will I be able to stop at just one or will I end up like Amphibian Man?
Will, even the sophisticated tattoo I am planning, be someone's idea of a joke?

Your answers will hopefully be:

Nasty and cheap.
You never know, maybe.
Quite possibly.

Hopefully you'll decide against getting yourself branded. Please pass this article to anyone you know who might be considering tattoos.

Read Penis Tattoos - another fantastic article by your Agony Aunt to the Stars Wilma Proops
Posted by ~~Wilma's Blog Continues Below~~ at 23:12
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Default Re: random crap on the internet

Pairings: RyoPi, T&T, AKame

Future Pairings: Tegomasu, KoyaShige, JunDa, TaNaka, Sakuraiba, and others

Summary: 100 Yeas ago Ryo and Yamapi met and made a marriage pact, without Yamapi’s parents, the Royal Blood King and Queen knowing. As a result the King had Yamapi’s memories of Ryo erased. He does not remember Ryo or the marriage pact they made. However, that may all change when Yamapi has met Ryo, who is suffering everyday as a vampire servant, again.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I am not Johnny; if I was I would not be at this computer at this current moment.

Notes from massu16: I had this written and was going to wait to post it, but I figured I might as well, since it is going to take a while to write the final chapter of SPH. Also I have character outlines done for this fiction, but they are all friend locked. If you would like to view them feel free to friend me. I usually don’t mind who friends me, as long as they have some of the same interests. I do no judge if you don’t have anything posted. But these entries will be remain as friend locked, sorry.

Please enjoy the 1st chapter. >.<

He was sick of always obeying his parent’s orders; always having to impress them just because he was the Royal Blood Prince over all the Vampire Kingdoms. He always had to dress fashionably well, wear the perfect façade to hide any and all emotion that no Royal Prince should contain. He constantly had to use the proper etiquette with others and by himself; never able to love the person he falls for himself, and now, since he has come of age, his parents were forcing him to marry a Vampire Princess from a neighboring Eastern Kingdom, whom he has never met in his entire 200 years of life. His cousin has never had to be under this much pressure; only he was, because he was the first in line for the Throne of all Kingdoms, the Royal Blood Prince, Yamas&!ta Tomohisa.

The rumors of the Royal Blood Princes has spread quickly throughout the Vampire Kingdoms; the rumors of his engagement to the Eastern Kingdom Princess, Horikita Maki. ‘What a perfect match; a 100 year age difference, but still those two seem great together. They’d have a wonderful life, while I’m stuck here serving those I belong to,’ Nishikido though to himself, “Those Royals would never have to live on the streets, obey every command given, be abused, or most of all: be sold and bought randomly. “Maybe one day he’ll find me and save me from this life,” he said aloud, sighing, and looking down at the tattoo on his chest.

“Tomohisa, listen to me,” Tackey shouted, to his son.

“Why father? I already told Daddy and you that I will not marry her. I wish to marry a person I meet and fall for myself, regardless of your opinion,” Yamapi shouted, back.

“This marriage has been planned since her birth…”

“Yes, without me approving.”

“You don’t have a say in who you marry.”

“I do so father, you did when you married Daddy.”
“That was a long time ago, Tomohisa, things have changed now. It’s not me that wants to choose your partner for you. It’s the law. There is nothing I can do about the law, son. As much as I want to I can’t.”

“Father, I don’t want to hear it. If you want to have me married to her so badly why don’t you clone me, then maybe he will want to marry her. I certainly will not. Something horrible would have to happen for me to even consider it. Actually, there is something that you don’t know.”
“What would that be?”
“When I was a hundred years old, I made my vow. I can’t remember who it was to, but I know I am already tied; I cannot marry another. If I did, you know that I would immediately be killed, don’t you father.”

“Tomohisa, why didn’t I know about this? Does Tsubasa know? How could you do this? Did you even know who the person was that you gave you vow to?”

“Of course I knew them. I’m not the kind of person that would give my vow to the first person that came along. I just can’t remember who. I can’t remember what they looked like or why I gave my vow, but I knew I loved them, Papa.”

“Does Tsubasa know?”
“Yes, daddy knows. He found out when he saw my mark,” Yamapi sighed, lifting his shirt to show the mark over his heart.

“It’s really true then, Pi.”
“Yeah, it’s true, Papa.”

“Okay, we’ll have to figure something out to avoid the law. If they found out that you have made a vow to a person you can’t remember then there is a high chance you could be killed.”

“I know. I wish I could remember.”

“Come on Pi, what’s wrong with you,” Jin asked his lifetime friend. “You’re beginning to worry me. We’ve been to every bar in your kingdom.”

“We have not been to every bar,” Pi slurred. “There is still one left and I want to go to EVERY bar in my kingdom.”
“Why? Do you know what Tackey will say when he figures out what you’ve been you doing?”

Arriving at the bar, owned by Ikuta Toma, a long time friend of Yamapi, he whispered to Jin, “Jin I want to remember. I want to remember who I gave my vow to. I can’t remember. I can’t recall what he looks like. What he sounded like.”
“Is that what all this is about? You call me the idiot. Drinking isn’t going to bring back the memories you lost in that accident.”

“Don’t talk about that Jin; you know it’s painful for me to remember.”

“Sure,” Jin whispered. A few minutes later Jin’s phone rang. Knowing who it was Jin immediately picked up, “What is it, Kazu-chan, I’m with Pi now, and to be honest, he’s beginning to freak me out….eh!? He said

Jin really didn’t want to leave Yamapi alone, seeing that he was obviously drunk. Jin needed to get home immediately according to what Kame had told him. Hopefully, he could succeed in getting Yamapi home safely. If he didn’t Takizawa would surely have him killed in a slow, painful death. “Come on Yamapi we need to get you home.”

“I can get home myself,” Pi slurred.

“I never said you couldn’t, but I don’t want to take a chance. Your father would be very upset if you didn’t arrive home in absolutely perfect condition,” Jin said, struggling to lift his seemingly lifeless friend. “You could help you know. If I’m not home in 30 minutes Kazu is gonna start looking for me.”

“Then let me go home myself.”

“That would be a no. If Kazu comes looking for me, I’ll just have to explain the situation…Yamapi?”

“I’m gonna throw up,” he choked, running from Jin, into a dark alley.

“Come on, Yamapi, it’s been 20 minutes. What in the world are you doing?”

“Sorry, sorry,” Pi apologized, walking back to where Jin was standing. “I thought I saw someone I knew.”

“Yamapi, not many sane people you know would come to this area of you kingdom, this is where the servants stay.”

“Sooooo,” Pi said.

“So nothing…argh, I really hate you when you’re drunk.”

“I. Don’t. Care.”

“Jin, I finally found you,” Kame raised his voice, “I thought I told you to come home immediately, because Junno and Tat-chan’s engagement has been announced.”

“Gomen nasai, Kazu-chan. I wanted to get Yamapi home safely before coming home,” Jin whined.

“Yamas&!ta, can get home by himself; he isn’t a baby that needs to be babysat.”

“I know, but he’s drunk.”

“Jin, how can a vampire get drunk. He’s probably just sick from drinking too much,” Kame explained.


“Yamapi, you’re perfectly capable of getting to the palace on your own, right?”

“Hai,” Yamapi answered, in a sing song voice.

“See, Jin, now come on, we’re late.”

With that said, Kame dragged Jin, by the arm, in the general direction of Jin’s castle. Yamapi waited until they were completely out of sight and hearing range before he stood upright, and straightened his clothes. Casually, he made his way over to the alley he was just at a few minutes ago. Yamapi knew a person was there, but couldn’t see them. Whoever it is, he was definitely skilled at hiding. Yamapi bravely ventured deeper into the alley before speaking calmly, “I know you’re here, so you might as well show yourself.”

He waited patiently, until the hidden vampire decided to show himself. After about 10 minutes Pi heard a rustling behind a stack of boxes and garbage. When Pi was finally able to see the hidden man, he had to admit he was absolutely beautiful. His clothes were ripped and dirty; and he was covered in dirt, but that didn’t matter. Pi could tell that this servant was obviously afraid; to try and comfort him Pi said, “There’s no need to be afraid. I won’t hurt you. Besides I have no guards with me.”

This calmed the man a little. Since he was a servant it would be bad if he was caught in a place like this, away from his master.

“Ano, if you don’t mind me asking, could you tell me your name? I won’t turn you in.”

“I know you won’t. I’m surprised you don’t remember, but…my name is Nishikido Ryo.”

“Nishikido Ryo.” ‘Why does that sound familiar?’ “I’ll call your Ryo-chan,” Yamapi smiled.

‘Daite, daite, daite, senorita…’ Pi’s ring tone broke the awkward silence between the two men.

“Moshi moshi…ah, Kei-chan, gomen, gomen. I know. I’m fine. Tell Papa I won’t be coming home tonight. I have business to attend to. Hai. Bye.” After Yamapi hung up he turned his attention back to Nishikido…no…Ryo-chan. “So are you staying around here. I’m too exhausted to go home...oh, where are my manners; I am the Royal Blood Prince, Yamas&!ta Tomohisa.”
”I know who you are; and yes there’s this little place I go when I need to get away from that person.”

The man named, Ryo, led Yamapi to an old house that looked as if it had been abandoned for hundreds of years, but somehow till standing. Yamapi continued following behind Ryo, going into the place Ryo said he visited when he needed to get away from that person. ‘Who was this person that Ryo-chan wanted to get away from so badly,’ Yamapi though to himself. ‘Could it be his master or maybe a partner? Either way I’m sure he’s going to be in major trouble. Possibly face a beating.’ From his last thought, Yamapi began to shudder.

Noticing the shudder, Ryo immediately asked, “Are you okay, Pi?” Unable to stop himself from saying the last part, Ryo gasped and covered his mouth.

“What did you call me?”
”I…uh…nothing…gomen nasai,” Ryo whispered, barely audible; turning around in embarrassment at his unnecessary slip up.

“I could have sworn that you just called me, Pi,” Yamapi said, face emotionless.


“You do realize that only one person has ever called me Pi…let me rephrase that; only one person has been allowed to call me Pi.”

“Hontou gomen nasai,” Ryo apologized, bowing deeply.

“Raise your head; there’s no need for you to apologize,” Yamapi demanded, while sitting down in a chair that belonged to a little dining room set; the only decent piece of furniture in the house, besides one little bed. Yamapi figured this bed was one Ryo had been using for years. Actually, it appeared as if Ryo visited this abandoned house quite often.

“Exactly, how many times do you visit this place?”

“I try to get away once every couple of days,” Ryo answered, from the corner farthest away from Yamapi.

“Why are you so far away? I’d like some company,” Yamapi hinted, pointing at the second chair.

“Not to offend you, but I’m perfectly comfortable here.”

“Nonsense, come over here,” Yamapi raised his voice.

Not wanting to anger the Prince further, Ryo stood and made his way to the middle of the room; to where Yamapi…his Pi was. Ryo sat in the empty chair, his head down. To say the least, inviting Yamapi to his little escape was an extremely bad idea. Ryo knew that Pi didn’t remember the relationship they had 100 years ago. He knew that if their meeting got back to the Royal Blood King and Queen, that he would be in great danger of being relocated, again, or a severe beating from his current owner; one thing he absolutely didn’t want. After a few minutes of fighting within himself, Ryo figured he should lift his head; that way Pi wouldn’t feel like he wasn’t welcomed.

Upon looking up, Ryo practically jumped in the air, Yamapi was centimeters away from his face, staring intently.

“Tell me,” Yamapi said, “what’s your owner like? What does he do to you?”

Immediate fear and panic crossed Ryo’s face. Not only could Ryo not tell him under the oath every servant must sign, and if he did it would mean immediate death, but Ryo definitely didn’t want Yamapi to know what he’s been going through for the past 100 years. Instead of answering, Ryo just lowered his head again.

“You can’t tell me, can you?”

“Mm,” Ryo shook his head.

“This servant and owner oath doesn’t apply to any member of the Royal Family.”

“I still shouldn’t tell you. I don’t want to trouble the Royal Blood Prince with my pitiful life,” Ryo said, trying to get across that he didn’t want to tell Yamapi about it.

“Ryo-chan, there would be no way it could trouble me.”

At the sound of his name, coming from Yamapi, Ryo couldn’t help but think maybe he does remember me. Maybe it’ll be okay to tell him after all. Noticing the want, the need to tell in Ryo’s eyes, Yamapi leaned closer, once again, took Ryo’s face in his hands, and turned Ryo to face him.

“You can tell me. It’ll be alright.”

Finally, Ryo wasn’t able to hold back his tears any longer. He didn’t even care that in his outburst, he had pulled Pi into a hug, a hug to make up for 100 years. This action, of course, shocked Yamapi, but he gladly and caringly returned it.

“It’ll be alright, Ryo-chan,” Yamapi whispered. “I’ll protect you.”

“How,” Ryo choked out, between his sobs. “You’re the Prince, there’s o way you could protect a lowly servant like me. I have to obey my owner, regardless of the command.”

“I may not own you, but I may be able to help in some way…please tell me, Ryo-chan.”

“I wish you remembered, Pi,” Ryo whispered.

“What did you say?”

“I’ll tell you what I can manage.”
”I’ll listen ‘till the end.”

“Whenever I do the slightest thing wrong…lets just say the consequences are very abusive.”


“Mn…but you see he uses different forms of abuse.”

“What kind?”


“And what Ryo-chan,” Yamapi pushed.

“and sexual abuse.”

“What,” Yamapi raised his voice, a murderous intention in his eyes.

“Please, don’t do anything rash,” Ryo begged, clinging to Yamapi once again.

“When does he abuse you,” Yamapi asked through gritted teeth, clenching his fist into Ryo’s ripped and worn clothes, trying to suppress the feared anger of a Royal Blood Vampire.

Pulling away from Yamapi, Ryo sighed, “It really depends on what I do wrong. You see if it’s something small, like putting something in the wrong place; that usually brings about a good dose of mental abuse. On the other hand, if I were to break said something, I would most definitely get a massive beating; the sexual abuse if for pretty much everything else. If my owner fines out I was here instead at his house tonight, when I get back I can look forward to that certain abuse.”

“Ryo-chan,” Yamapi whispered, “That’s terrible. How can you survive through that?”

“It’s not easy, but…I keep hoping that one day he’ll come and save me.”

“He,” Yamapi questioned, somewhat disappointed, Ryo had someone he cared about.

“He’s the one that put this here,” Ryo answered, lifting up his shirt. Upon seeing Ryo’s chest Yamapi gasped. “Please ignore the scares. My owner put them there…just in case you can’t tell this tattoo over my heart is a pact of marriage.”
”Who gave you that…and why did your owner cut an X through it?”

“The answer is simple…no owner wants their servants to be in a marriage pact, especially one that abuses his servant sexually. In order to, I suppose, erase the pact my owner gave me this scars over my once beautiful symbol of marriage.”

“Ryo-chan, I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do? I mean not even a servant owner can come between a marriage pact.”
”I know that, but the person that put this hear, doesn’t remember me,” Ryo sighed, sitting down clutching his shirt over his heart.
”Doesn’t remember, how can a person forget a marriage pact?”

“Believe me, Yamas&!ta-sama, there is a way,” Ryo whispered, standing up, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go to sleep.”

“Of course, don’t let me keep you from your rest…please do take the bed, you need it more than I do.”


“Don’t worry Ryo-chan, I will most definitely find the person who put the pact over you heart. I will save you from this life,” Yamapi thought lying down and covering up with a spare blanket Ryo had set out for him.
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