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Default Tony Mancia...need I say more?

First off, everyone knows Tony has skills...but what blows my mind is how he takes such a simple idea and everything just flows. Tony has no ego and he loves to do big in your face tattoos that stop people in their tracks. His understanding of how things should move together and form boggle my mind.

The session was smooth with no hang ups. Tony took good care of me and always kept me informed of what he was doing next. I honestly didnt care what he wanted to change or reponse the whole time was "Lets do it!!" I gave him total control and you could see Tony getting excited as the tattoo progressed. He works fast and usually only takes breaks when the client wants to take a break. This was great because we were able to get a lot done in roughly 7 hours.

Tony is a class act...his work speaks for itself. I just came back from the gym and i was turning heads...well...the tattoo was turning heads lol!

The pics are a progression of the tattoo and show different angles so you can see everything...keep in mind its not finished and we managed to get some of the shoulder done. My next appt with Tony is in February where we will knock out the rest of the shoulder and inner arm. Cant wait!! I'm so happy with this huge badass tattoo!

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