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Default Re: Summary of the pit ball in Vegas!!!!

Immediately following was an amazing 5 star dinner spearheaded by award winning New York chef Chef Ralph Perazzo. Other award winning chefs included Chef Geno Bernardo of Nove Palms Casino; Chef Barry Dakake of N9ne Steak House at the Palms Casino; Chef Rick Moonen of RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay casino; Chef Joe Elevado of Social House at Treasure Island Casino and Chef Kerry Simon of Simon Restaurant and Lounge at the Palms Casino. The mood was festive, and the signature dishes were amazing. It was like dining at every single 5 star restaurant in Las Vegas at one time. Animal Planet was there to film all the excitement. The musical talents of Kimber Cleveland were enjoyed by all throughout the dinner. Kimber is a musician and singer from Nashville who has also been active in pit bull rescue for over 10 years. She has been using her music to get the message out about the beloved breed. During dinner, Tia Torres, owner of Villalobos Rescue, was presented with a $25,000.00 check from Brandon Bond. The actual amount raised for Villa Lobos at the Pit Ball actually far exceeded this amount and continues to as more donations roll in. Donations can be made at “Of course, more money is always appreciated, and MUCH needed”, says Brandon Bond. Upon receiving the check, Tia became overwhelmed with emotion and teared up a little, melting through her "hard" exterior. Villa Lobos Rescue Center houses 200 pit bulls waiting to be adopted. The rescue has been up and running for 17 years but with the dire economic times in America, donations have dried up, and Tia was facing bankruptcy her. Famed clowns “Heckles and Twitch”, the multi award winning performers popular within horror and Halloween circles, auctioned off the artwork.
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