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Default Re: ADOPT an ANIMAL!!!!!

Hey brandon, i am a 22 yr old female from ny who recently discovered a passion for tattooing and is determined to become so. Upon researching and googling 'famous tattoo artists' I came across a list with brandon bond first. Your link took me to a page with cain's story. I don't know you and I registered just because when I tried emailing you there was no link, only a phone number. So I'm here posting an innapropiate random paragraph just to tell you that I loved cain's story. I read the whole thing while standing by while my son showered. I haven't even visited your gallery!! The storyy made me cry, but for the most part I felt happy for the awesome years you and cain shared. I wanted to say CHEERS for cains life, and I'm sure he felt the same way about you that you felt about him. Congratulations on your son, he must be a few years old now being a parent is a wholeee different rollercoaster journey. I hope you read this as I see no one has posted here for some time. Take care
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