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Hi, so this is a basic tattoo question. I have a solid black batman logo i got at a very reputable tattoo parlor about 5 weeks ago. My healing process, however, was horrible. the tattoo scabbed up, and then fell off on its own, i didnt pick at it, and now my tattoo is scarred. well, i dont know if it is. it is NOT raised, but it is silver, not black. i went back to my artist and he said he could touch it up and that it was indeed scarred. i am not questioning his ability because my boyfriend got an awesome tat from him that healed perfectly, as well as other people i knew who went to him. im freaking out because im scared it will never be black. my artist assured me it could be fixed but that it wasn't completely healed, and to come back in 2 weeks. the outline is somewhat puffy (its the batman emblem so that circle part around the logo is SLIGHTLY raised.) but the entire tattoo looks black/silver. is there no hope for my tattoo? i just wanted to hear some people's opinions.
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