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Getting an apprenticeship today is no easy feat. First off when you go into a shop to inquire, What your really asking them is,"can I have some of your money?" The word apprenticeship is wildly abused these days. When I think of the word, I reference to something more serious than what is fragrantly offered these days by hacks that are out to get your cash. I want to learn from a master. It is a prestige to learn a skill from a renounced source from anything, not just tattoo.

Second, Do research and consider if tattooing really for you? Old timers who dedicated years to b1tc4es ,beers and bar brawls have set the tone for the craft. There is heartache at the drawing board for an apprentice.

Third,ART. Nowadays the art involved in tattooing has evolved into an unstoppable machine of graphic design, graffiti, painters, not to mention the hard motherf@#kers who started it. Win art contests before you walk into a shop with a good name. They want people who have the minerals and desire to win an award. Not just there for money.

With all the kitchen hacks out there the world could use more lazer removal technicians than coverup artists. So if you are interested in the world of tattoo and want to be beneficial thats one way. Ughhh im drunk, I better get off here before Brandon kicks my ass.
Thanks for listening.
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