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Default John "the holy man" Lloyd

I got my first John "the holy man" Lloyd original tuesday night. He did this really sweet piece on my upper thigh for my dogs. Its their names and a heart and a clover. i have known John since he started his apprenticeship at AON and let me tell you he is a full fledged amazing tattoo artist with an extremely bright future and career ahead of him. We will get pics up once it finishes healing im sure. The colors are so bright and vibrant! He was definatley paying attention on color blending day!!! he and i have this old skool car vibe going on between us and he gave the piece on my leg an old skool hot rod / low rider pin stripe accent arround the scripts he did. I absolutley love the piece! It turned out doper than i was expecting. I knew he was pretty good, but after a fast, solid, amazing, not quite 2 hour completed session, i know he is f@#king awesome!!!!! and it was my pleasure to be tattood by him. i booked an appointment for my wife with him next month and I will have more work done by him in the future. Book your appointment with him now ladys and gents!!!!!!!!!!
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