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Originally Posted by perbrad View Post
Thanks for the reply, i was thinking about it being 6-8 inches around. Price isnt an issue, but for a killer tat, around how much would something like this be? All my local friends that have tattoos all have s&!tty 50 dollar tats so it is really useless to ask them.
Well I can tell you that you've already made a wise choice by picking a great tattoo shop, with great artists, none of who will disappoint you. However, price is never something that can be given over the internet or over the phone or anything like that because every artist will have their own interpretation of your idea and concept which will lead to varying levels of detail in the tattoo. And typically when there are more details and intricate aspects to a tattoo, that turns into more time which means more money. But I do agree with you that inquiring about prices from your friends who got their work done at "shops" that are nothing but holes in a wall, will not lead to any reliable information.

My advice would be to just set up a consultation with an artist at AON and they'd be able to talk you through your idea, the size, the placement, the cost, etc. Good luck!!!! Let us know if we can be of any other help and how it all turns out in the end.
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