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Originally Posted by perbrad View Post
Tattoo virgin 40 yo white guy, lookin to get tattoo over left chest of skin ripped open and can see red and blue heart with 2 small banners on it that says survivor on one and a date on the other. I had a heart attack back in january and just want to put something on to remember it. I heard this is one of the best tattoo parlors in the south.
Best in the south?! AON is more than just a "parlor", you've picked the right place. The concept of the tattoo sounds awesome and it's great to hear such a deep story behind it. Don't be afraid to go big with it though, in terms of incorporating all of those things, it might be better to go bigger than you are initially thinking, because you want the heart to look "life size", so all of the banners and skin tears around it will make it a pretty nice size, but someone at AON will absolutely give you the one of the best tattoos you could get anywhere in the world. Stay with them and you'll be in great hands for the rest of your life, because I can assure you that once you get the first one, you won't want to stop!!!

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