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Default Re: Private Forum for Piercers now:

I am just wonderful Conner!!!!

I added a piece by Wes Pastorfield at Little Vinnies Westside and Vinnie stopped by to say hi and talk about guns ...LOL
Was supposed to get tattooed this past Friday by Dana Helmuth but Dana had to cancel so maybe next weekend or the weekend after???
Got tattooed today by Dave Sobel down at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum....Dave was gonna go surfing but the waves blew out so he stayed in town....and tattooed me...LOL
Next Friday....Jason Reeder is going to add a little something....he is guesting out at Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick, MD so I am jumping on that while he is up here!

Taz is gonna get something from Grime at the end of June while he is out here for the opening of Todd Noble's new shop!

Wonderful here......but not much going on!

"To call one's mother a whore is a lesser offense then to call a tattoo machine a gun"
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