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Default I'm in Macomb, Il and look what came into our shelter today!

Her name is Galaysia and she is a 2-3 yo American Staffordshire Terrier. Our ACO rescued the poor baby from a trailer *extremely hot inside and no ventilation or air* where she had been abandoned several days ago. Her family was evicted and left her there. The neighbor called the shelter and has been feeding Galaysia SOME, but the poor girl is very underweight, completely flea infested, and has a skin condition that has not been treated. She had so many fleas on her! They were all over and her skin is full of bites. She has two good sized lesions, one on her forehead and one on her neck from the skin condition. According to the neighbor (who didn't know the name of the skin condition) it is supposed to be treated by a cortisone shot once a year.? She has also had at least one litter. She got a flea bath right away and some Frontline. Let me tell you....this girl was sooooo good! She was scared of the hose at first, then she loved the water, it must have been a cooling relief. She was absolutely good as gold throughout the flea bath. She was scared when I started to walk her to her pen, but she cooperated nicely. The neighbor said Galaysia is a sweetheart and good with kids and cats. This girl is going to make someone very happy!

Excuse the crappy pics - camera phone.

Please let me know if you are interested in this sweetie girl.
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