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Default Re: ADOPT an ANIMAL!!!!!

This little pup strolled up to my apartment, very malnourished, it's ears as you can see, have been clipped, honestly looks like they've been cut right the f@#k off. She's missing her left or right pinky digit on her front paw. She loves people, as of right now; and she really loves playing with my 90 pound rottweiler. I was really scared how they'd react to each other, but they spent all evening wrestling and french kissing, so I mean. Uh, they ate and drank from the same bowls, I was seeing if it was maybe food aggressive of some type, but it didn't growl or anything, so good on that front. It looks like she's been abandoned, I tried calling some non-kill shelters, no luck. Tried hitting people up through my phone and facebook, no luck either. Waited to see if someone in the apartment complex to come and look for her, nothing again. She's staying on my apartment-porch, she could just leave at any time, but she won't. Right now, I don't think I could afford having another dog, and I don't want to send her to animal control. If someone on this board wants her, me and my girlfriend could totally meet someone somewhere, if they wanted her. Trying to find her a decent home to go too.


Anyone want a pitbull-mix(I believe)?
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