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Default Summary of the pit ball in Vegas!!!!

The Great Pit Ball, a star studded charity event to raise money for Villa Lobos Rescue Center, was a resounding success on March 14, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. With over 1,000 attendees flying in from all over the globe, the guest list included celebrities like Michael Berryman (The Devil’s Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science, One flew over the Cuckoos Nest), Pixie Acia (LA Ink, Miami Ink and Fear factor game show winner) Tera Patrick, the number one porn star in the world who won the coveted “Best new starlet” award and has been in over 100 adult films; Evan Seinfeld, the well known lead vocalist of the multi-platinum album selling Biohazard , an adult film actor, director, photographer, writer, entrepreneur, and starred in the HBO series “Oz”, James Madio (Hook, Basketball Diaries, Lost Boys, Band of Brothers), UFC fighter Alex Karalexis from the UFC reality series and 3-time UFC veteran, “Razor” Rob McCullough the 5 time world Muay Thai champion and former World Extreme Cage Fighting Weight Champion; Mario Barth, world renowned and celebrity tattoo artist, owner and chief tattoo artist at Starlight Tattoo; John Huntington, formally from the show "INKED Hart & Huntington" which is now Huntington Ink at the Palms Casino, also known as the country’s premiere nightclub promoter; and Boo-yaa Tribe, a hip-hop group from California, Ice-T, rapper and actor, and many more. Thousands of pictures are being uploaded directly to:

Villa Lobos Rescue Center, is the largest pit bull rescue in the world. Animal Planet is filming a new show about the facility for the upcoming summer series expected to air in June of 2009. After 17 years in existence, Villa Lobos was facing bankruptcy, and was effectively saved by this charity gala. The Great Pit Ball was filmed in its entirety for the upcoming season and will no doubt be a highlight of the new show.

The event took place at the Palms Casino and the concert and after party was at The House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. World renownowned tattoo artist Brandon Bond, CEO of All or Nothing Inc. and Stranglehold Publications, and, located in Atlanta, Georgia, and two time winner of the "International Tattoo Artist of the Year" award, spent months putting the whole event together. Bond is also the director of the independent documentary “Vicktory to the Underdog: Hell and Back” which also premiered at the Palms that evening, in the opulent Brenden Theaters. The premiere was incredibly well received as the enthusiastic, standing room only crowd cheered and gave multiple standing ovations. A red carpet led everyone into the theater and overflowed with press and exploding flash bulbs. A limited edition widescreen DVD of the film, along with a two disc companion DVD set, and the official motion picture soundtrack can be purchased here: and a preview of the feature film can be viewed here: and a preview of the companion disc collection can be seen here:

Bond fostered three of the infamous Michael Vick dogs and has been involved in working with abused fighting dogs for over 13 years. He is also the owner of Rather than focusing on dog fighting, the movie sheds light on solutions leading to "Vicktory" for all the underdogs in the movie - tattooed people, pit bulls, parolees and all the other people in this world that society has turned their back on through ignorance, prejudice, and racism. The movie also examines the life of Brandon Bond and his struggle with balancing fame, fortune and the Rock-N-Roll tattoo lifestyle with a more fulfilling life that focuses on the betterment of both animals and society as a whole.

This 100% independent film features celebrities including Danny Trejo (Con Air, Dusk Till Dawn, Once Upon a Time In Mexico, Heat), Michael Berryman (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Devils Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes), Pixie Acia (Miami Ink and La Ink), Donal Logue (Blade, Grounded for Life), Senator Chip Rogers (who just passed a law making it illegal to attend dogfights in GA), Bob Barker (The Price is Right, Happy Gilmore) and Senator Robert Byrd, among many others.

The "Pit Ball" event line-up began with an art show featuring artists from all over the world. Tables and easels were set up with all the art so that attendees could walk around and check out the art that was going to be auctioned off during the dinner portion. Various celebrities showed their support by signing autographs and posing for pictures. Submitting artists included, Cam De Leon (famous for creating artwork for the band Tool), H.R. Giger, Brandon Bond, Damon Conklin, Durb Morrison, Dave Tedder, John Lloyd, Jace Masula, Short Parker, Ryan Downie, Robert Pho, and many more. The art show was an incredible and ecclectic collection of paintings, photographs, sculpture, mixed media, and collage. The art was auctioned off by "Heckles and Twitch", All proceeds from the art auction were also donated to Villa Lobos.
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