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i realize this was posted a long time ago, however I use both pulse and paco rollins on a daily basis. I normally dont do small tattoos and I traditionally stick to bold line work so I normally run either five or sevens the paco works great, however it constantly needs to be tuned, and I suggest changing the springs.
The paco rollin shader is great at packing solid color however it hits to hard for smooth black and grey. I recently bought the Gatsby shader from pulse and had trouble with it at first, I noticed the distance between the back coil and the armature bar was to far, so I put a shim under the back coil and now it runs great, I love the way it pack color however dont perfer to grey shade with it.
I am currently on the look for a smooth hitting shader, I am using time machine they seems to work well. I am also considering workhorse Irons, if anybody has used these machines I would apprieciate some input on there shaders.
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