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Default Re: Tim Orth and Dave Tedder at Green Bay Convention!

you'll never cut down on the emails because you are a celebrity in the tattoo world and it makes people feel good to be getting responses from you. If you think the reason people respect you is more for the tattooing you are wrong, the people on this board probably respect you more for the good person you "seem" to be. I mean, what other board has so much interaction from the big man of the shop itself...none. People ask questions and Brandon Bond will answer....RESPECT! Now don't read this, you are busy, and this is a waste of your time. You can do us a favor though, never stop posting pics of your work....i like many, love it!!!! and 98% of what is say is sarcasm, this is the 2%.
I read somewhere... how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong... but to feel strong:

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