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Default Re: Tim Orth and Dave Tedder at Green Bay Convention!

Dave Tedder Seminar Schedule

Rick's 13th International Tattoo Convention

Green Bay Wisconsin

Special: Both Seminars $200 SAVE $50

Seminar 1
10:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Price $100.00
Brandon Bond's "The Whole Enchilada" Presented by Dave Tedder

Dave Tedder will be presenting a one time viewing of Brandon Bond's critically acclaimed recorded seminar "The Whole Enchilada" followed by an hour of Q&A with Dave Tedder himself. Dave has worked with Brandon at All or Nothing Tattoo since the studio first opened, and has been acting Manager for the last 4 years. He has played a crucial role in helping Brandon develop the tattoo theories and techniques involved in the filming of "The Whole Enchilada" and will be available to express his thoughts and opinions, and field questions after the viewing.

For more informations regarding "The Whole Enchilada" please visit

Seminar 2
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Price $150.00
Large Scale Tattoo Design and Composition

For three hours, Dave Tedder will be discussing the theories behind his creative process when laying out larger designs on the body. The bulk of Dave's work is done completely freehand, building up images through different colored markers, but for this seminar there will be two live "clients", and Dave will thoroughly explain both methods he uses for large scale tattoo layout.
One will include a completely blank canvas,(i.e. a sleeve or backpiece) that will bloom into life before your eyes as Dave begins laying out all of the fundamentals he uses for design placement, balance, and image flow, with first pass of the markers. By the time he reaches the last color, the entire process used for making a large tattoo fit the body properly will have been explained. The other will be of a stenciled foreground image, with the background being applied during the seminar as well. All aspects of composition will be touched on during and after the process.
This seminar will not cover tattoo application whatsoever, only design composition.

"We all know that the foundation of a good tattoo begins with a solid image. Once you've mastered the craftsmanship of a good tattoo, and know how to make one stick, the hardest part becomes creating a strong image thats works with the body instead of against it. The body has a natural flow to it, and once you see it, and begin to understand how it works, your bigger tattoos start to take on a life of their own. They start becoming part of the canvas instead of just sitting atop it. " - Dave Tedder
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