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Default Get a tattoo? GO TO JAIL! Another PA thread

First let me say hi! This is my first post, as I am new here... Anyhoo, browsing through the threads I couldn't help but notice in this "Dumb Law" section Pennsylvania made headlines a time or two.... being a resident here in the arm-pit of america, I thought it only appropriate to share my experience.

In the not so distant past, I found myself on a court program in Pennsylvania. Now don't get me wrong, it was the best thing for me, I willingly admit that.... just what I needed to stop f@#king off and really get my act togeather.... however one of the many rules I had to abide by was "NO (NEW) TATTOOS OR PIERCINGs FOR THE DURATION OF MY PROBATIONARY PERIOD"... violation of said rule landed delinquent probationary clients in jail as punishment. Hows that for strict, huh?..... wait it gets better......

.....upon getting my life back in order with the opportunity that was given to me, I began working at a local tattoo shop as an artist... I completed my apprenticeship and started working years back but was too young and irresponsable to give the type of commitment necessary back then, so it seemed the obvious path to resume once I got my ducks back in order.... Now probation here not only allowed me to resume my career path of choice as an artist in a shop, but also got work done by me.....WHILE STILL FORBIDDING ME TO GETTING ANY TYPE OF BODY MODIFICATION MYSELF!!... After about 18 months or so of that you really learn to appreciate having jurisdiction over your own body again.....

So does anyone else have similar probationary rules in their state/county? Or is this pennsyl-tucky specific stuff?
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