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Default Re: LIT PROJECT! Need Opinions PLEASE&&THANK YOU

From Facebook:

Oletha Trantham
nope not covering them! although there isnt flaunting of my ink, i dont wear turtlenecks to hide them either. i am what i am! thankfully i was hired based on job performance not appearance..... B i know you got hired because you're so damn purrrrdy lol

Benjamin Cathrine Hamilton
I am in engineering and have never had a problem with having to cover my ink as your judged for your skill and what you can do for the company not what you look like

Kristan Hayes I do not cover my art at work!! I love each piece I have and proudly show them off!

Emily Cooper Jensen It depends on A) If they are somewhat tasteful B) Where they are located C) If you have a cool boss like Brandon...

Judi Orloff Hiii. I have several nice tatts my left forearm are potraited of my dogs. While working at a vet they didnt have to be covered but I often covered them because they got more attention then the doctor himself lol now I work for tsa @ the airport & we are forced to cover them. Im pissed ...jus sayin

Spencer Belanger Only 18 and self employed(kinda) I'm a wood worker and I mostly make wooden bowls, so no covering up my one tattoo(soon getting more!)

Desiree Pochinco I choose to have tattoos, I can't choose all will respect that choice. So, if asked I will cover them.

TheMassageTableStore Hi I am blessed and work with tattoo artist and therapist who appreciate my ink! no covering going on here!
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