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Originally Posted by DIESEL View Post
i dont see any art yet from all these people talkin smack
this is a good thing, draw!
Dude you are too funny, my question is how did you come up with floating teeth on a dinosar and a Jay Leno chin?

Its one thing to put art up here and share , but to call out a direct compatetiton and then attempt to set the bar with that picture?

Then you further drop down comments like this last post I am quoting, that may be part of your issue, if you think artist draw up a serious picture not to mention one you will share online in 10 or less minutes, this could be the reason your lacking. Slow down and take more time on your shading, building structure and attention to detail.

Peace out, cause bro no one who respects their own self or art will post a picture in what you call a contest, it would be like placing a pro athelete in with the special olympics, it just isn't right.

I will say props to you that you are persistant on posting tatts and art, you should keep doing that, just change your approach, there is no one on here that is the best. The minute you think your the best, you fail.
Work, work and then work more, give it all or give it nothing!
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