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Brandon, I just have to say as of today, I fully feel your pain. I read the whole story of you and Cain when it was first posted last year, and re-read it this year on the anniversary of that sad day and once again cried through the whole story and the memorial video all the while holding my baby boy SoCo in my lap. On the 11th of this month he snatched the leash from my hand and got away. I spent the last 4 days searching all day and not sleeping at night because of being scared he may come scratching at the door and if I was asleep I would not hear him.

Today he was found about 30yds from my front door in a ditch within my neighborhood dead. It's been about 7 hours now and I still have not been able to stop crying. Unlike you I was not able to get a casting of his foot print before burial as this was not something I was prepared to have to face. But I was able to take a clipping of his hair to keep and my Uncle was kind enough to take his collar off of him for me when he picked him up to bring him home. He had undoubtedly made his way to the highway and gotten clipped by a vehicle and was trying to make it back home as his poor little body was facing the direction of home.

I feel like s&!t. I feel like there was something more I could have done to try to find him and bring him home alive. Knowing that you made it through such a hard time with everything you had to go through with Cain in the months before his passing and knowing that you have found the strength to keep going gives me hope that there are brighter days to come.

The mixed drink I'm sitting here drinking while typing this is a toast to the life of my baby and a toast to Cain as well. Maybe they'll meet at the Rainbow Bridge and happily await the day they are reunited with their humans.

Sorry, for posting such a long post, not trying to hijack the thread I promise.
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