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Default Dave MF Tedder ROCKS!!!


I have reached a point in life where I routinely lower my expectations in order to avoid having to face bitter disappointments. So on the very rare occasion when someone exceeds all my expectations, I'm forced to question the cynical nature of my outlook on the world (which I don't appreciate, since it compromises the very core of my existence).*

Such was the experience of having a tattoo done by Dave Tedder. Dave did a truly amazing job creating and capturing not only the look, but also the feel and the essence of the tattoo that I wanted. His work surpassed that of my imagination. *I'm going to share with you what I told Dave once that he finished my tattoo, which is: despite all the recognition, all the praise, and all the recommendations which he receives, Dave Tedder is still without a doubt underrated. *Not only is the man a true masterful artist, but also a genuinely cool and witty guy who is a delight to be around. *He made this experience a positively memorable event in my life, which I will forever appreciate. I have another appointment with Dave coming up next month and I'm definitely looking forward to it.*

Also noteworthy are the rest of the crew of All or Nothing; they are some of the coolest guys that I've come across in a long time, and as a team they manage to make it a joy to be in their shop.*

Thank you Dave Tedder, thank you ALL or NOTHING Tattoo, thank you for being so awesome.*
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