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Default Thank you to all or nothing and most recently Tony mancia

Well, I have been getting tattooed at all or nothing for four and a half years now. Most of my work has been done by Dave, and I am proud to have my entire chest and a half sleeve done by him. I also have a piece from Tim Orth, and most Recently I got something started with Tony. I haven't gotten tattooed much over the last few years, or as much as I would of liked to, mostly because of time or money. I almost lost the passion for tattoos I once had. A couple days ago I got a forearm piece started by Tony, and I still can't stop staring at it. His work is simply immaculate and I feel lucky to be in the Atlanta area, and have such a great place like all or nothing near me. Well, I hate to ramble on, so I would just like to thank Tony and Dave and the rest of the all or nothing family for kicking so much ass. I look forward to finishing this amazing piece Tony started on me in November, and I am glad to have my passion back for tattoos. I show off my tattoos with pride, and spread the name of AON to everyone around me that asks. I also have gotten many friends to start going there, and my brother and sister get tattooed at AON. You guys all are truly amazing artists. Thanks again.

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