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Default Thankyou B.Bond

So, I flew all the way to Atlanta from Australia coincidentally 2 months ago to this day to get the rest of my backpiece finished. My friends thought i was insane going that far "just for a tattoo" ,So i would have to blow their peanut size brains with pics of tattoo's brandon has completed to show them why.
I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met and get tattoo'd by a true artist,a visionary, a highly motivated & meticulous person who doesnt settle for mediocrity and his artwork is a fine showcase of this personal quality.
The backpiece was completed in 6 consecutive sessions,and it was a mind blowing experience!, by the end of it we were both so f@#ked up, it felt like a very monumental moment, we pushed the boundaries of the human psyche, it was amazing.
I would also like to send a quick thanks to Nicole, and the apprentices who looked after me each day, & D.Tedder who helped create the kickass filigree, thankyou.
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