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Default Re: Aftercare!!!! What do you use?

Originally Posted by shawncooper78 View Post
An antibacterial soap is pretty necessary to wash the tattoo 2-3 times a day, apart from it I prefer H2Ocean, you can also go for any other aqua based moisturizer.

Actually Shawn, it's been found that the whole antibacterial soap/ointment/moisturizer routine is actually not the most effective because a significant amount of bacteria can still get into the wound just between applications.

Saniderm is a breathable adhesive product that actually completely seals out any type of bacteria from reaching the tattoo, however it also acts as a healing agent because it traps all of the enzymes and natural fluids that your body produces to heal itself. This allows the tattoo to heal quicker, brighter and with much less scabbing. And there is no maintenance, you just put on the adhesive bandage and you're done, its waterproof and flexible, you just go about daily life and within a week or so the tattoo is completely healed.

It's a really beautiful thing.

You should try it out, you'll be incredibly amazed. I've talked with artists from all over the country who doubted it because it sounds too good to be true, but now they're ordering it regularly and slowly transitioning their shops to use it as their main recommended aftercare product.

(disclaimer: I am an independent salesmen for Saniderm, if you'd like to try some out or place an order, let me know!!)
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