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Arrow Re: Pierce your PITBULLS EARS! FREE!

Originally Posted by Joe View Post
I don't like the idea of her using the "goth" theme as a selling point for these animals. I know people with their pets ears pierced and they love them like no other but this lady is a piece of s&!t that is going to get a slap on the wrist because the laws aren't on the books at the time of the filing of the case.
I had a tattoo magazine from the mid 90's that had a chihuahua with flames tattooed down both sides of it's torso. I always wondered how they achieved that without the animal biting them 10,000 times. You ever seen a pissed off chihuahua and how many bites they can get in per second?
Yes! We have one Chihuahua
& one Chihuahua/Fiest mix.
And a cat. I have to say the cat is more vicious!
I can't believe the cats didn't claw her eyes out!
Stupid people...
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