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Well allow me to re-introduce myself my name is Brandon Bean
aka Bean
aka Big Beans
aka Clam Diggs the Chocha Choker

Screen name is Slick Squid 'cause im just that...A sailor (squid)
I do MMA (been practicing for 4 years now)
Im right handed but I smack fools silly with both
Im an in closet Animie and Manga nerd
A breast man (don't mind a nice ass either tho! )
I own a Glock 45 ACP 21 (figured I'd throw that in here for all the gun fans)
Im into muscle cars,hotrods,lowrods,and lowriders and all them fine ass women that model 'em.(includes import models of course)

My homeboy and mentor put me on to Mr. Bond here and I did some "Googling" on his name and found his site.
Go to my pre-school, even ask my old principal
he'll even tell you how I packed a #2 pencil......
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