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Default Painless tattoo ink?

I came across this recently, and I was wondering if this is a good idea:


Not that I would even consider buying this ink, since I am content with Intenze, Eternal and Fusion; but just curious if it is possible to add powdered lidocaine to existing tattoo ink. I've seen sites that sell powdered lidocaine and benzocaine by the gram, and wondered if it's a good idea or just bad all around to add it to the ink i already use (such as a tribal black).

I know that "painless tattooing" would be more desirable for many customers, and I have used some numbing sprays on longer tattoo sessions that seem to get them though the rough times. But then again, getting the right ratios and consistencies would be hard to do, especially since I am not a chemist nor do I make my own ink. No to mention, some people would have sensitivites to it, especially those who have hypotension, or allergies to benzocaines or lidocaines. I have heard it is possible to OD on lidocaine too.

Any thoughts on this? All sarcasm aside, I'm just curious if anyone has tried this or if it's just a bad idea.
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