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Default what is this book whore all about huh?

The book is on sale TODAY june 1st right now!

the book WHORE is availible right now! For the first time ANYWHERE and It will be DISCOUNTED for the first week or two so that everyone who has waited for SOOOOO long (over a year) for us to finally produce the finished product, all awesome style, can get it cheaper... the book is intense and will upset you in some way.

What the f@#k is this book "WHORE"??????????????????????

It is a book I created with the help of our graphics guys and STRANGLEHOLD PUBLICATIONS and its unlike anything Ive ever seen!

My Name is Brandon Bond. I am a tattooer guy who is detested by a lot of other tattooer guys for being a "whore" not in the biblical since unless your talking about f@#king other peoples girlfreinds or whatever but in the since of saturation, magazine articles, and other assorted bulls&!t success type crap, so I decided to capatilize on that and the results were seriously f@#ked up and awesome.

I made this 170+ page badass insane joyride through the industry and my life is now in print forever. It is an art book 1st. EVERY single page is layered in multiple photographs, drawings, sketches, scultpure, firearms, blood (really my blood) , naked women I have f@#ked personally, horrifying stories from the world of tattooing, tales of b1tc4es and money, more art on top of art, an explosion of adventure, complete with a secret decoder message hidden throughout every single page in order..... thats why it took so f@#king long, every page is a piece of art created in photoshop by myself, Daniel Wiggs, G.J. , and the entire All or Nothing Family

The foreward is written by ALBIE ROCK and is f@#king hilarious.

the afterward is written by Dave Tedder and is intense and hilarious.

There is actual stencils and finished tattoos but who really hasnt seen that? so we kept that to a minimum, f@#k a line drawing book.

there are pictures of my dead son???? and the story about that.

there are extremely personal interviews by sean herman layed in piles of random awesome artworks... and coral pollack also did quite a bit of the interviewing.

There is amazing amounts of anger, motivation, hatered, love and disdain.

there is orgies, violence, arrest reports, stalker b1tc4es, defication, crossdressing, rape, lynching, theft, awards, big huge f@#king piles of money and an amazing hatered towards women throughout.... all true stories directly relating to my tattoo career....

Daniel Wiggs and GJ did an amazing job with the graphics, photos by myslef, MAX BRAND of Prick MAGAZINE and Daniel wiggs combine to make a force to be reckoned with.

It is extremely hard to describe something this diverse and all over the place, it is a work of art that b1tc4 SLAPS you with explosive focus. I think you will enjoy it, and if nothing else it is an excellent motivational source and artistic reference collection.... but really its a lot more.

I have put my own sweat, tears, and blood (literally) into the production of this collection... enjoy

you can check it out at


Brandon Bond
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