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Default Re: what happened to thrash and thrashs girl and UFC fan?

Well first of all no biscuits!!!! LMAO!! I work 14 plus hr days, been working since I was told we were missed. By the way I need lotsa prayers... I work on a Mother/Baby unit so all my patients are on their period!!!! Got called off work today, But I do cook and make homemade things for my man on days off! He spoils me and I try to do the same in return. Excited about our appt on Monday! Even though Jesus is on Thrash's arm(he got a Last Supper theme) hasn't brought us much luck. Right after the last tat appointment I picked his car up from the dealership (there cuz it just got repaired from a 7 car pile up in a parking garage at the airport) 1/4 mile down the road.....ran over "white bumpy things" in the road. Popped two brand new tires and bent two rims 2900 dollars!! So we got rid of the car, it had bad luck! So Matt Jesus needs to be finished!!!!!
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