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Default Re: what happened to thrash and thrashs girl and UFC fan?

Originally Posted by BRANDON BOND View Post
I leave for new york, come back and you guys ran off on us? hahahaaa

remeber, "blow this mother up?" ha!
wow brandon you missed me?? i feel honored that you started a thread about me and thrash haha!! sorry bro...i've been super busy at the captain's career course here at fort benning. its a lot to take in and then getting my ass kicked in PT everyday....running for miles in the morning then learning how to write operations orders all day then hitting the gym again after class and then homework at night is starting to take its toll on me. But its what i do and i love my job...leading troops. i cant think of a more humbling job. but if i had second life i'd probably be trying to tattoo like you making that cash money haha!

hope all is well...i think i'm getting an ipad soon so i'll be able to check in more often. how was new york? following you on twitter it sounds like you didnt get much sleep. i'm infantryhooah33 on twitter if you ever see a @brandonbond by me.
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