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Hello all you bad ass motherf@#kers!

I'm new here, just sent in my deposit for my first real art tattoo with Dave!

I'm so excited I can hardly think straight.

I'm a gun and motorcycle collection includes:

Glock 19
Glock 27
Beretta CX4 Carbine 9mm
Beretta 1935 in 7.65mm
SigPro SP2340 in .40s&w
Ruger Service Six .357mag
Ruger 10/22 race gun fully customized (shoots <1" at 100yds)
Mossberg Cruiser 12ga w CAR 6pos stock
And on and on....

I ride a 2003 Yamaha Warrior 1700 customized and loud as all hell. 100+ft*lbs of torque at the wheel, this baby damn near dislocates my shoulders when I launch. ((And I'm also a Patriot Guard Member))

My tatoo: Looking for a Japanese style 3/4 sleeve. I will be driving all the way from Chicago for this. I figure we can do 8-10 hours in 1-2 days and then I will return a few times to finish the sleeve (or however Dave wants to do it). I do have 6 tattoos already, all of them are Enochian or other occult symbols. Dave has full artistic control over this one though.

I LOVE the shop and especially ANTIArt Elite...holy hell...its the land of milk and honey!

Here is a pic of me in North Carolina slaying the Dragon...

I already linked the HELL out of my Myspace page to your site(s)...I have been telling all of my friends about you guys ever since I discovered AON. Its the most dense collection of tattoo talent in the world!

Rock on brothers and I will see you soon! (probably in April).

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