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durden666 01-27-2009 12:14 AM

Kinda long and dumb
An Amish kid decides at age 18 that he is going to leave the farm and see what the world has to offer. When he leaves his parents give him one of the ducks to take with him so he always has a companion.
As he gets to the big city he is confronted by a hooker who propositions him for sex. he explains to her that he has no money, and all he has to his name is his pet duck. the hooker looks the duck over for a second and tells him she wil take the duck as payment.
After he rails her she turns to him and says "wow that was amazing, I will give you the duck back if you f@#k me like that again" he shrugs and goes for round two.
After he is dont with the hooker he walks through the city with his duck at his side soaking in the environment. out of nowhere a limo turns the corner and runs the duck over, killing it instantly. The limo driver feels bad when the man tells him that the duck was all he had from his parents, and the sentimental value was irreplacable. The driver hands the man $100 and drives off.

he decides it is time to return home, because the world is a terrible place and he wants to be as far away from the city as possible. when he gets home his parents ask him what he learned about the world.

al he could tell them is:
You can get a f@#k for a duck
A duck for a f@#k
and a hundred bucks for a f@#ked up duck.

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