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Nicole 09-06-2011 05:09 PM

Ta-ta-toos: Making Football Season Fun for Women
Ta-ta-toos: Making Football Season Fun for Women

Ta-ta-toos are temporary tattoos specifically designed to be worn on your ta-ta's. With football season well on its way these temporary tattoos are totally perfect for football wives (and their lucky hubbies). With perfect game sayings like "Touch Down" and "Feeling Lucky?" these temporary tattoos are a sure way to get your man's attention no matter which football teams are at battle.

Where you can wear Ta-ta-toos...

Ta-ta-toos are high quality temporary tattoos and are made with skin-safe FDA approved ingredients. The waterproof ink on Ta-ta-toos can survive through swimming, showers and even explosive drink toasts. The temporary tattoos can last up to an entire week, making them a perfect accessory for home football parties, a trip to the stadium and even vacations to the Super Bowl (you know for die-hard fans).

Not just for football...

Ta-ta-toos are also available in different tattoo designs for other occasions. With six different temporary tattoo collections for special occasions, anniversary/Bridal/Wedding, Birthday, Just for Fun, Risque and Holiday/Featured Ta-ta-toos- there is definitely a tattoo design for every taste and definitely every event. Some of the favorite tattoo designs include "Dangerous Curves" "Let's Celebrate" and "Happy Birthday". And of course every guy's favorite tattoo design, "Guess What I'm Pregnant."

Ta-ta-toos are reasonably priced at $7.99 - $12.95 and are available at specialty retailers nationwide including Ricky's New York, select Spencer's stores and online at

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